Was Mary Magdalene Jesus’ wife? New Finding Corroborates Disclosures Given to Author Mercedes Kirkel

Papyrus revealed by Harvard professor offers fresh evidence that Jesus and Mary Magdalene may have been married, corroborating description of their relationship in recently released book, "Mary Magdalene Beckons" by Mercedes Kirkel.

Online PR News – 26-September-2012 – Santa Fe, New Mexico – A Harvard divinity professor has made front-page news with the announcement of a newly revealed papyrus, offering fresh evidence that Jesus may have been married. The fragments of text on the fourth century paper include Jesus speaking the words “my wife” and “Mary Magdalene” in Coptic, an Egyptian language. This revelation is no surprise to Mercedes Kirkel, Santa Fe resident and author of the newly released book Mary Magdalene Beckons: Join the River of Love, in which Mary Magdalene tells about her life and relationship with Jesus.

“In the summer of 2010, I had the incredible blessing of receiving twenty-five messages from Mary Magdalene over the course of a month,” stated Kirkel. “In one of the messages, Mary described her bond to Jesus as holy husband and wife. She said they were both prepared for their relationship through their spiritual training in various sacred traditions. This included instruction in sacred sexuality, which Mary explained was ‘a process of transforming our bodies into light and love, in service to our destinies.’”

Mary also reveals in the book that both she and Jesus knew it would be 2000 years before humanity was ready to hear her story and receive her in her role as teacher and embodiment of the Divine Feminine. Throughout her messages, Mary emphasized the importance of both men and women understanding and strengthening their own Feminine, through changing the way they relate to their bodies, sexuality, and emotions, along with releasing limitations in their thinking. Her focused instruction in these arenas is offered as a means to open the heart, so that “the marriage of the sacred heart and sacred mind can occur.” According to Kirkel, “This is the marriage that Mary is most passionate about, just as Jesus’ teaching was all about us and our spiritual transformation.”

Authors Stuart Wilson and Joanna Prentis (Power of the Magdalene and The Magdalene Version) have said, “It is clear to us that Mary's words contained in 'Mary Magdalene Beckons' are part of a pure transmission of her teaching that is now being restored to the world. If you want to hear the real voice of Mary Magdalene, we recommend . . . this book."

"Mary Magdalene Beckons" is available through Amazon and through the website www.marymagdalenebeckons.com. It will be available in local bookstores in October. The website also contains a video of Kirkel telling the story of how Mary Magdalene began coming to her.

Into The Heart Creations, publisher, "Mary Magdalene Beckons: Join the River of Love"

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