Avoiding Epic Fail - New book gives founders an executive guide to marketing strategy

The Start-up CEO’s Marketing Manual takes you, the start-up founder, through the structured rigors of developing your corporate go-to-market strategy.

Online PR News – 27-September-2012 – San Francisco, CA – Management guru Peter Drucker correctly concluded that business is entirely innovation and marketing. Sadly, most innovative entrepreneurs don’t know marketing, as evidenced by the ever-filling Silicon Valley dead pool.

“Donating twenty years of marketing strategy savvy to start-ups may prevent a few business disasters,” said Guy Smith, author of Start-up CEO’s Marketing Manual and chief strategy consultant with Silicon Strategies Marketing. “I have met thousands of bright, technology-driven entrepreneurs who were doomed to failure because they didn’t understand the scope of go-to-market strategy. The Start-up CEO’s Marketing Manual will guide them past common points of self-destruction.”

The Start-up CEO’s Marketing Manual won’t transform founders into marketing gurus. It will, however, provide them with a 30,000 foot view of marketing strategy and arm them with the knowledge necessary to lead their companies in the right direction.

“Marketing driven organizations have an impact far beyond their size and make much more money for their investors,” said David Greer, an entrepreneur and active angel investor. “Guy Smith shows entrepreneurs, especially those in technology, why marketing must be a critical part of your strategy, giving his knowledge earned via hard-won, real world experiences.”

The Start-up CEO’s Marketing Manual covers the core topics of marketing strategy development, including market definition, segmentation, genotype analysis, whole product definitions, positioning, branding and market message development. This broad pallet of topics helps founders and entrepreneurs become profitable more quickly and lead their nascent marketing staffs through sound go-to-market planning.

“When consulting to the likes of Emerson, SuSE, LogMeIn and other top tech companies, I have discovered that even they may lack knowledge of these core marketing strategy elements,” said Smith. “Start-up entrepreneurs, even here in Silicon Valley, are typically in worse shape. By providing a quick and high-level education on all the necessary strategic marketing topics, fewer start-ups will fail and nobody will foolishly risk a second mortgage or their kid’s college fund.”

BIO: Guy Smith is Silicon Strategies Marketing's chief consultant. Guy has earned the trust of many CEOs, founders and marketing VPs in companies around the globe, leading their marketing teams and helping executives build consensus within their staffs. Guy has advised such notable tech companies as Emerson, SuSE Linux, Device Anywhere, LogMeIn, LANDesk, SourceForge and Novell.

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