InterFACE Teen Girl Balances School and Teen Modeling

17 Year-old Massachusetts Teen Breaks into the Modeling Industry With the Help of Talent Marketing Firm

Online PR News – 27-September-2012 – New York, NY – “I never really had the interest in acting until last year, but once I did a local project it was actually quite fun.” Marissa S. is an 18 year old InterFACE Massachusetts client with a serendipitous career in entertainment. As a full-time high school student, she balances her education, acting and a teen modeling career with ease. She is also anchored by extremely supportive parents, “I am finishing my senior year, and school is the number one priority with them.” Senior year is an important time for high school students looking to attending college or university. The year is filled with important decision making and intense deadlines that do take up most of her time; “My parents do not take any bookings that may interfere with school.”

I am finishing my senior year and school is the number one priority with them.

Although school is her top priority, she has managed to also dedicate herself to her second love, modeling; “I definitely see myself modeling in my future. I love the whole excitement of the fitting, make up, hair, the runway aspect.” So far, Marissa has been requested for countless fashion and runway shows including: Macy’s Runway Fashion Show, The August Moon Festival Fashion Show and the upcoming Splashion Show for Boston’s Fashion Week this October. She also receives numerous acting requests such as a supporting role in an independent film, Shelby’s Turn, and an upcoming ABC fall show, Zero Hour.

With all of these amazing opportunities to build a solid rapport with the entertainment industry, the teen still remains grounded and notes InterFACE as an integral part of her success; “I would never have had the opportunities I have today. This is not a business you [can] enter blind. I was advised of the up and downs and expectations.” Her ability to juggle education and a promising teen modeling career, while remaining level headed is a true inspiration for other aspiring teen actors. Marissa is also being represented by one of the top modeling agencies in Rhode Island. Her natural maturity has worked well for in the critical world of modeling, “everyone has doubts in their ability, but once you work thru the nerves you can actually surprise yourself in what you can do.” This self-assurance has certainly been an asset to Marissa, allowing her to surpass her own expectations. When asked if she has any advice or modeling tips for her peers, she simply had this to say, “follow your dreams, but also expect the unexpected!”

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