Trimcare™ Weight Loss and Anti-Aging, in association with Safe Laser Centers, Launches Innovative

The contest is being run to celebrate the new partnership between Trimcare™ and the growing new Las Vegas weight loss and spa services company Safe Laser Centers.

Online PR News – 27-September-2012 – Las Vegas, NV – Las Vegas, NV (USA), September 25, 2012 -- For a limited time only, Trimcare and Safe Laser Centers are inviting the community to celebrate the new collaboration with a special “WinShare” contest. The selected lucky winner will have the opportunity to change their body with a dramatic program valued at over $5,000. The Grand Prize will consist of (6) months of the medically supervised Trimcare weight loss program, (8) sessions of I-Lipo,(2) Portrait laser treatments, (2) full body 60 Min. Massages, optimization lab testing,TrimSlim injections, and where applicable, the HCG diet program. Second prize will win (2) i-Lipo treatments and (2) massages and 3rd prize will win (1) i-Lipo treatment and (1) massage.

The "WinShare" contest is called that way because it is based upon an innovative system that rewards social sharing in a way that allows participants to continuously increase their odds of winning during the course of the contest. What happens is that after entering the contest, a very simple one click process, participants are taken to special sharing page form which they can easily share the contest on social media and via email. At this point, for every person who enters the contest through this shared link, the sharer will automatically be awarded 10 additional entries that will be added to their total. Since there are no limits on extra entries or on the sharing timeframe (as long as the contest hasn't finished), prolific sharers can easily amass hundreds of entries to tilt the odds in their favor by having more tickets in the virtual raffle box.

Trimcare ( ) has been a pioneer in medically supervised weight loss treatment programs in Las Vegas for over 20 years. Founded by Dr. Ivan L. Goldsmith (triple board certified in the areas of Internal Medicine, Obesity, and Anti-aging),Trimcare is a leader in providing medically supervised weight loss programs. Trimcare has successfully treated over 20,000 patients in the past dozen years with novel obesity regimens designed to curb hunger, promote food avoidance, and extinguish binge or nighttime eating. Its program has successfully incorporated a proprietary brand of supplements, skin care products, food, weight –loss programs, and hormone replacement therapies. As a leader in the integrated disciplines of weight loss and anti-aging therapies, Trimcare has been at the forefront of expanding awareness of the nation's Obesity Epidemic.

Safe Laser Centers sees the association with Dr. Goldsmith as a great opportunity to bring new weight programs to the people of Las Vegas. Spearheaded by Kristine Castro, a newcomer to the area who brings to the table expertise with the i-Lipo system and her extensive experience as a massage therapist. "I-Lipo works by delivering low level laser therapy to induce a chemical signal in fat cells that causes them to break down stored triglycerides or fats into free fatty acids and glycerol, which are released through the cell membranes," explains Castro. "Fat content is then released into the blood and transported around the body to tissues where it will be “burned off” during a period of post-treatment."

By targeting different areas in the body, patients can decide their own priorities such as choosing, for example, to focus on treating their “love handles” and/or “saddle-bag” regions. The low level lasers used in the i-Lipo treatment induce the target area to release fat even before exercise is begun. Designed to be used in tandem, the novel medical regimens used at Trimcare ( ), consisting of Phentermine and Topamax, enable patients to make the lifestyle modifications needed to not only promote weight loss, but aid in the difficulties associated with weight maintenance. According to Dr. Goldsmith, “Our patients notice the effects almost immediately. The combined therapies successfully cause a decreasing waist circumference, declines in % body fat, and lost pounds. When thus combined, it is not unusual for Trimcare patients to achieve a greater-than-10% weight loss in 90 days which far exceeds what is seen with diet and exercise alone.

Goldsmith and Castro envision expanding the association into other medical facilities and also stand alone clinics both within and outside Las Vegas and hope that this "WinShare" contest will help them show off the amazing non-invasive weight loss and body makeover capabilities of the partnership. The two businesses are passionate about their philosophy of promoting lifestyle style changes, including diet and exercise, as the cornerstone of any successful weight-loss attempt along with the notion of truly minimally invasive therapies or treatment; avoiding procedures like bariatric and plastic surgeries where the attendant risks are much greater for post-op complications and problems. The two companies also seek to facilitate access, offering financing though

Both companies stress that weight loss needs to be tailored to individual patient needs. According to Kristine Castro, "i-Lipo combined with the Trimcare weight loss regimen allows most patients to take advantage of this treatment with minimum difficulties and provides safe, long term reproducible results as well as immediate effects that achieve a dramatic reshaping of body and reduction of cellulite." Significant results from Trimcare combined with i-Lipo commonly become apparent in as little as 30 days and the system is far less costly than liposuction while involving no pain, needles or downtime. "This is truly remarkable in its simplicity and we can't wait for more people to experience it for themselves," adds Castro.

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The TRIMCARE™ program works by using alternative medications as a supplement to augment natural fast weight reduction ( ). These supplements, minerals, enzymes and various other natural substances occurring in the body are crucial for adequate change of excess fat into energy and for protecting healthy balanced body functions. If you are looking for "weight loss in Las Vegas" ( ), visit

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