Sunshine Coast Company Unveils Greener Synthetic Turf Alternative

Synthetic turf has long enjoyed a reputation for aiding in water conservation, but now new products are redefining it as being environmentally friendly as well.

Online PR News – 27-September-2012 – Sunshine Coast, Queensland – Synthetic turf has long enjoyed a reputation for aiding in water conservation, but now new products are redefining it as being environmentally friendly as well. In an effort to expand its dedication to “green” business practices, Andyman Synthetic Turf Sunshine Coast announces today that it is offering Enduroturf brand recycled fake grass.

“Deciding to go with fake grass is a great, environmentally friendly alternative to maintaining a regular grass field,” Andyman Synthetic Turf CEO Andrew Sullivan said. “However, with recycled synthetic turf, it’s even friendlier to the environment. Deciding to go with Enduroturf was a no-brainer, but this new product offering allows us to also accommodate homeowners who are environmentally conscious and want to reduce their carbon footprint.”

Enduroturf’s recycled fake grass uses polyethylene terephthalate, which is mostly used in water and soda bottles. To put it in terms of water bottles, Enduroturf’s recycled grass reuses 25 polyethylene terephtalate bottles per square meter of recycled lawn. For an average sized lawn, that’s nearly 1,000 bottles turned into luscious, green synthetic turf that would have otherwise been taking up space at the local landfill.

The new product is also free of lead and heavy metals. Though some imported fake grass comes with these materials, Enduroturf maintains the safe standard of ensuring that no product comes with harmful materials, and it's why many of Enduroturf's grass can be found at children's playgrounds in the Brisbane area.

“Enduroturf is very committed to safety, and that played a big role in our choosing to use their products,” Sullivan said. “I won’t work with just any supplier. Children and pets play on these products, and there's nothing more important than their safety. Andyman Synthetic Turf uses these products because our customers can feel secure in the knowledge that their families are safe while enjoying them.”

Enduroturf’s recycled grass can actually reduce greenhouse gas emissions because owners will no longer need to use mowers, trimmers or edgers, nor will they release methane from decaying grass, fertilisers or pesticides. The recycled grass will also save on one of the planet’s most vital resources: water.

Enduroturf offers an 8-year warranty with its recycled grass and guarantees no compromise in quality or aesthetics with its product. Andyman Synthetic Turf Sunshine Coast offers consultations and advice for any prospective customers and offers a full synthetic grass installation.

“Improperly prepared surfaces lead to unattractive finished products,” Sullivan said. “Our installers will take the time and effort that’s needed to correctly prepare land for an artificial lawn that will last. And we’re really excited to get rolling with the installation of Enduroturf’s recycled grass. I believe our clients will be very happy.”

Andyman Synthetic Turf Sunshine Coast is an Australian owned and operated company and a leading fake grass installer and reseller along Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Offering high-quality products and installation, the company has helped hundreds of families reduce their water consumption and bills through the installation of life-like synthetic turf.

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