Jewish dating website declares no membership fees, no donations

Large online dating site that caters to Jewish singles around the world provides a platform for free membership.

Online PR News – 26-September-2012 – Wake Forest, NC – There are many 'niche' online dating sites breaking out in order to fulfill specific cultural based dating needs. Many are specific toward religion, politics, race, or ethnicity. Though niche dating is appealing to many within these demographics, therein lies a challenge. The biggest challenge to these niche online dating websites are active membership and growth. Since these sites are focused on a small 'niche' its very difficult to grow, as well as to target market to the appropriate intended audience.

One project that managed to grow within this grueling, almost 'impossible' task is This project, within a short period of time, grew within the ranks of online dating remarkably fast. Supertova is a 'niche' religion specific dating website focused exclusively on the Jewish people. The Jewish people cover approximately 0.2% of the global population, yet Supertova managed to achieve over 21,000 active 'authenticated' members around the world.

Other projects have made attempts to replicate or model themselves after Supertova but ALL have failed. So, how does Supertova manage to grow quickly, efficiently, and remarkably? How does such a small niche grow as fast as a project that markets to a mass audience? The website does not even accept fees nor donations. Without major revenue, how do they attract or market to their intended niche audience? The critical growth behind it is obviously pure aggressive initiative. No other possible way to explain the phenomenon. has declared war against the world in order to bring Jewish people back to Judaism, and they are succeeding., within 12 months of operation, has become the #2 Jewish dating website, based on traffic. They are the largest free Jewish dating project in the entire world. They are equipped with a vibrant chat room, authentic members, 0% spam, instant messenger, mobile version of site, unlimited inbox messages, unlimited photo uploads, community wall feature, forums, success stories column, blocking features, complex age blocking features, report buttons, and every other premium feature you can possibly imagine; yet, 100% free.

Founder, Justin Corsa says 'My fire for the Jewish people will continue to burn, and I'm here to spread it, at all costs, until our entire Jewish Nation is connected throughout Israel, and the 4 corners of the diaspora.”

The website is here to 'Grow and Preserve the Jewish Nation'

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