Launches Website With Comprehensive Information About Acne Treatment

Launched in September 2012, this skincare-specific offers a wealth of information regarding how skin interacts with food,and what can be done to help alleviate and prevent acne. The website also offers information on acne treatment and skincare solutions.

Online PR News – 25-September-2012 – ATLANTA, Georgia – The new website was launched just weeks ago in September, in hopes to inform the health and skincare communities on the effects that certain foods have on the body. Hence its name, the site focuses primarily on the way these foods interact with acne, and what can be done by the acne-prone individual in terms of avoiding them.

The site plans to feature timely, up-to-date and well-written information about what most acne sufferers are wholly uninformed about.

This information will serve to benefit not only just those suffering from acne problems now, but also the skincare community as a whole. Though many believe that one's diet has little effect on the condition of the skin, this could not be further from the truth. This website was created in part to debunk the many myths which seem to plague this area of the acne-treatment community, in addition to offering its own unique solutions to the problem.

While many acne treatment websites exist today, this one plans to stand out in that it is truly one-of-a-kind: no skincare or acne websites have been made specifically to target the cause of acne ignored by so many - food. And while many resources are
beneficial in the realm of acne-related information, this website stands alone as specifically targeting one of the major internal causes of the condition currently suffered by thousands.

Though this site is only in its infancy, many great articles and a wealth of information lie ahead. This is only the beginning of this website, which plans in the near future to be considered authoritative in such a specific but necessary field. The objective of this website is to inform anyone who is experiencing acne what may be causing it, and what can be done to reduce and even prevent it.

Few people know the actual causes of problem acne, as most of the focus in this area is shifted to the treatment. While this is a very important step in the process, FoodsThatCauseAcne intends to educate the public that acne is a preventable condition - and prevention starts on the inside.

FoodsThatCauseAcne was started in September 2012 with the simple objective of providing information primarily on acne causes, but also in treatment and ultimately prevention. For more information, visit