HTC will not bow down to Apple's lawsuits

HTC, one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world has responded to the allegations made by Apple over infringment issues of Apple's software and hardware patents. HTC is confident that it can defend itself against the lawsuits filed by Apple against it.

Online PR News – 19-March-2010 – – HTC which is the owner of the now famous line of HTC Hero smartphones has announced that the company can and will defend against the allegations that the company had violated patents owned by Apple. The number of patents are 20 in number and the allegations are very serious.

The company however has mentioned that they are pretty confident that they can defend itself and have also mentioned that they might be able to settle the lawsuit without any possible penalties or fines as they are pretty sure that the infringement so mentioned has not happened. No details have been given by the company but they have given statements that the move made by the creators of the hugely successful Apple iPhones are not in good confidence. They have also mentioned that the lawsuit is not exactly because of their actions but an indirect assault on Google and HTC has just been caught in the cross fire. The smartphones of HTC use the android software made by Google and this could affect the sales of the companies mobile phones.

Apple has not given any official statements but the CEO of the company has mentioned or rather commented that the competition should focus on their research and development and come up with their own technology rather then just use rip offs of technology used by others. The market of smartphones has become very competitive with the entry of all the major mobile manufactures and some who do not have core business's as mobile phones. Google, Apple, HTC, Samsung, Blackberry, Nokia, Sony, Motorola among a host of others now have their offerings in the market thus giving rise to such heights of competition
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