Million Pixel TwitterPage Recognized As The Best, Unique Twitter Tool

Twitter seems to have consumed some kind of super catalyst. This web 2.0 micro blogging network is growing along with millions of applications and tools. Among the countless number of twitter tools, “Million Pixel TwitterPage” highlights in the crowd. Let’s have a chat with the developers of this program.

Online PR News – 29-June-2009 – – London, June 28, 2009 - “ Million Pixel TwitterPage was developed as a initiative that will benefit people in the social media along with helping me out in my studies. I was pretty sure that this new twitter program will be buzz in the online world because, this concept is very unique. You will be well aware of the fact that there are millions of twitter tools available online however, most of them have the common purpose of adding friends, and joining other twitter pages etc. I was just wondering which the savvy programmers cannot think outside the box and introduce some new concept that will give a great lift to all the twitter users out there. Well I didn’t just think, I worked it out and presented it in the form of the new program called Million Pixel TwitterPage. I am not creating a hype that this program will be a great hit in the social media, thereby becoming a multibillion dollar business, but atleast people in the social media can get benefitted a lot along with helping me to continue my studies” says the developer of Million Pixel TwitterPage.

Speaking on more details about million pixels, the developer said, “I hope that you will all remember Alex Tew who is the developer of the million dollar homepage. He was successful in making millions through that site for his studies. I have combined that idea with the benefits of twitter because Alex’s idea seemed to be a bit outdated. I have kept the prices of the twitter pixels as low as $0.1 so that millions of people out there can get benefitted through my program and in the mean time I can continue my studies with my earnings. The social networking guys can buy 100 to 4900 pixels and mark their presence online. The bigger their pixels, the higher they will be noticed online.”

Speaking on the move, David said, “you don’t have to fear that this program will go burst. I like to reveal that this domain is booked for 5 years and so I can guarantee you that this initiative will be there for atleast 5 years from now. It is happy to see that Million Pixel TwitterPage is recognized as one of the best twitter programs. Make the most of it now.”


The concept is very simple, you can buy from 100 to 4900 pixels which will be used for your twitter image and will be linked to your twitter profile only. The domain name is registered for 5 years, so it is a guarantee that this project will last for at least until 2014. We will create the history, and it's not about websites it's about people. For more information, visit

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