Similiar's EVILog 1 Now Available: Discover How to Be An Evil Genius

The only way to successfully launch an evil plan is to first, fully understand how to be a successful evil genius. Luckily Similiar Scumgullian has discovered the idiots guide to supreme evil genius and is sharing it with the world!

Online PR News – 25-September-2012 – Flower Mound – Similiar Scumgullian, the world’s least successful evil villain, has finally discovered the keys to becoming a successful evil genius. He and his trusty sidekick, Familiar, are finally ready to launch a new plan to destroy the town of Akerstrom!

“Being evil is hard work,” states Similiar Scumgullin, the evil genius and driving force behind the villainous duo of Similar & Familiar. “You must push yourself to new limitations and constantly be willing to revolve if you ever hope to achieve true villainary super stardom.” (

To date, Similiar has been unsuccessful in his attempts to thwart the town of Akerstrom. However, ever since discovering the Evil Genius Cheats in “How to Be An Evil Genius for Idiots,” a book he procured while on sabbatical in Perth, Western Australia, he feels confident that his newest plan is sure to be a triumphant success!

Follow Similiar through his latest attempts at achieving super villain stardom in his bi-weekly, Evil Genius Downloads …his personal Similiar EVILogs (pronounced “evil – logs”). Unlike any super villain before, Similiar has chosen to document his course to villain stardom and is sharing it with the world through his very personal EVILogs.

In order to stay connected and track Similiar’s progress, Similiar has requested that all aspiring evil genius villains, or those currently classified as evil minions of the world, should connect directly through Twitter and Facebook, where Similar is sure to share more insider information and evil genius cheats to success.

“I have opted to share my very personal story in hopes of aspiring young evil geniuses of the future,” says Similiar Scumgullian, the evil mastermind behind the currently unsuccessfully but soon to become house-hold name of evil domination, Similiar & Familiar. ( “Everyone deserves success, even villains. In sharing our path to evil perfection with others through our bi-weekly Similiar EVILlogs, further generations of evil villains will become more successful than even the great Similiar & Familiar!” retorted the evil genius with a maniacal laugh. “Oh, and to the people of Akerstrom – prepare for the destruction of that pathetic town and be warned…Similiar has procured an evil monkey!”

About Balthazaar Media - The Creators of Similiar & Familiar:
The Similiar & Familiar fantasy Webseries is the masterful creation of Balthazaar Media’s Wendi Graham and Noah Norton. The webisodes are lead by lead actor, David Smyth, who plays the charming and quirky main character, Similiar Scumgullian; the evil villain sure to capture your heart and have you rooting for him in the end!

Scheduled to launch in November 2012, the Similiar EVILogs have been created as a behind-the-scenes look at Similiar and his road to evil villain history, which can be seen in the upcoming webseries, “Similar & Familiar.”

And to the town of Akerstrom, as it is a fictitious place, Balthazaar Media would like to state that all fictitious residences are encouraged to relax and rely in the knowledge that no evil plot has actually been formed and that all characters portrayed in this webseries, much like the towns people of Akerstrom, are all fictitious in nature.

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