Appsta Announces the Release of Their New Website Beta Version

New Website Beta Version Launches helping users find and share software, web, and mobile apps.

Online PR News – 25-September-2012 – Paris FR –, a collaborative website dedicated to apps and tools that aims at offering the widest choice of apps to users, is announcing its beta release. Pierre Gineste and Xavier Le Nue are the co-founders of It was developed by Net Ipsum SARL, a French company focused on web innovation. So what is Appsta? Appsta is a new way to find the right app. Discover, compare and learn all about apps through reviews, tutorials and toolboxes brought to you by the community.

If you blog about apps, you can get more readers by listing your external blog on Appsta with a normal user account. You can then claim ownership of your listing. Another great thing is that you can control what is displayed. You can share articles, reviews and tutorials on Appsta which you can link directly to your blog. Now this increases your search engine visibility by gaining points helping you move up in user or website rankings allowing you to attract new visitors. You can also discover other blogs and bloggers, share interests and exchange ideas with them as well as participate in guest blogging.

If you are an App creator or represent an app, you can get more visibility by creating your own app page using a free account. You can then attract new users and increase your visibility through rankings. Now you can secure and improve your communication as you take control of your own listing. This also gives you the chance to develop your Appsta presence, promote your app on Appsta and track you audience. You can do so by going to the creator request page. You can sign up for a creator account if you are the owner of an app or a tool or an official representative. This allows you to create app pages for your products, update download and version links, and you can even flag incorrect information about your apps or tools and more.

Appsta allows you to discover apps you've never heard of, find new apps, reviews, tutorials, blogs, and toolboxes. By also joining a growing community, you can meet users, bloggers, and professionals that share your interests. You can also earn points first by joining the Appsta community and then completing actions such as sharing a review or tutorial, posting a comment or by simply adding a tool. More points mean more things you can do. The point system is also a measure of the member's reputation. Gaining full privileges is easy as only 35 points are required in order to do all possible actions on the website. To see the details of how points are awarded, you can go to the Points and Reputation page, and check out how many points you need to perform certain actions.

Join now so you can participate and improve the reviews, apps and toolboxes database.

About Appsta: is a collaborative website designed to offer users the widest choice of apps, tools, and information relevant to their needs. To do this, Appsta offers a constantly growing database of apps and tools categorized in a new and dynamic way. Appsta search engine makes it easy to find the right software, mobile or web app, and to easily compare features among results. Want more details about how it all works? They’re right here.