Aqua Masters announces information about water-saving softeners and reverse osmosis in San Antonio

Aqua Masters announces information on water-conserving water softners for hard water problems in San Antonio and reverse osmosis treatments for water conditioning and purification in the home.

Online PR News – 25-September-2012 – San Antonio, TX – Aqua Masters water conditioning has been making hard water softer and drinking water safer in San Antonio since 1979. Aqua Masters defines “hard water” as water that collects unwanted and unneeded minerals, most commonly calcium and magnesium, which can stain appliances and build up on plumbing.

Aqua Masters uses a sodium cycle operation that replaces hard minerals with sodium to soften water. Softeners like the 5600 Econominder which is a durable and energy efficient system, uses up to 50% less salt water than most other water softeners, by only generating when it is necessary.

In addition to water softeners, Aqua Masters reduces harmful contaminants in drinking water using a reverse osmosis system. Tap water goes through a reverse osmosis treatment that passes water through a pre- filter followed by a carbon filter, removing foul tastes and odors.

For more information on water softeners and reverse osmosis treatments, contact Aqua masters Conditioning, Inc at 210.635.7109 or visit