ApnaCircle Launches Company Pages in beta

ApnaCircle Launches Company Pages in beta-get updates about company offerings and new business opportunities

Online PR News – 25-September-2012 – New Delhi – India’s leading professional networking site ApnaCircle launches its Company Pages in beta. This will give companies an opportunity to highlight company news, products & services and showcase business and career opportunities to millions of ApnaCircle members. A special emphasis will be given to employees who are members of the ApnaCircle network.

Mr. Yogesh Bansal, Founder & CEO, ApnaCircle commented, “The Company Page has a double edged advantage for both users and companies. It provides a single platform for information and involvement to both. Apart from establishing a direct connect, it enhances your networking skills within your field and encourages interactivity between employees and organization. It is a great way to communicate and create brand image. We plan to bring in new functionalities and features and you could see changes in the coming month as well”

‘Overview’ tab: is the first tab one views once they visit your Company page. It helps build your brand and adds value to it. Share your company history, profile, logo, movements and achievements. Attach social media & RSS feeds as well as discussion groups so that it serves as the DNA of your company. The overview tab first displays a ‘COMPANY LIVE’ section which shows what is latest: new employees, change of positions and latest job offers etc. Next section is the ‘EMPLOYEES’ section which enlists’ all the employees of the company who are on the ApnaCircle network. Next the page has a ‘JOIN THE CONVERSATION’ section which lets you add a preferred Group, promote and involve audiences in discussions. This tab also displays stats, information, most viewed profile etc. about employees which gives any viewer a preview to pick up crucial information and know more about the company.

‘Careers & Jobs’ tab: is a full descriptive page which defines the work culture of the organization. This section allows you to attach sections like ‘Jobs’ & discussion ‘Groups’ which have been posted on ApnaCircle’s network. Besides job links, this section gives you the space to add pictures, videos and audio to give a preview of your company’s prevalent corporate culture. You could add the right ‘contact person’ from the ApnaCircle network who any prospective job or information seeker could get in touch with. View our job section to see what it looks like:


‘Discussions’ tab: Lets you add your preferred Group on ApnaCircle to your Company page. It can be an effective promotional tool and drive key messages for the company through word of mouth. Employees can join the conversation or discussion and users of ApnaCircle can participate in these Groups.

‘Carte Blanche’ tab: This is blank space for additional content via an external url like your website or a micro site that you would like to add to your Company page on ApnaCircle. You also have an option to rename this tab to anything you’d want to.

ApnaCircle users benefit immensely from the Company Page in terms of keeping up with the company’s progress and knowing who to get in touch with and for what, as per their profile. You can post queries on the discussion groups and get clues on to how to get hired!

You can even share the Company page amongst your network via the share tab which allows you to share on Twitter, Facebook and ApnaCircle. Once you follow a Company, the green Preferences tab further allows you to see only the information you want to see.

ApnaCircle helps you manage your company page with ease. One can easily edit & display content, add/remove administrators, attach external websites, also add a welcome messages as you’d like and assign matching keywords to enhance your search results. It is the only professional networking service that allows you to indulge in your company page with such exclusivity. Build your company page on ApnaCircle to bring your business to life.