Sci Fi Puppet Film -- A Love Letter to Science Fiction

Online web comic Steve Troop sends his characters into space as puppets in this comedic space adventure where The Muppets meet Star Trek -- and their Kickstarter campaign is blowing past expectations.

Online PR News – 25-September-2012 – Los Angeles, CA – For the last two years, the creator of one of the first webcomics has put down his pens in favor of bringing his sci-fi puppets to the big screen. In the last few weeks, a successful Kickstarter campaign has made this dream a reality.

Cartoonist Steve Troop’s Melonpool began life as an Internet comic in 1996, but has slowly transitioned into a hand and rod puppet version (the style used by the Muppets), first appearing at comic conventions, book signings and eventually becoming a regular feature on director Kevin Smith’s (Clerks, Chasing Amy) website .

Melonpool: The Motion Picture is slated to start filming in February 2013. The feature-length film tells the story of Mayberry Melonpool, the sci-fi addicted captain of a spaceship full of misfits who must pull together to save the universe from a seemingly unstoppable foe -- if they don’t kill one another first.

Peppered throughout the movie are references to the science fiction classics that Troop grew up with – a hallmark of the original webcomic. In addition, everything about the film is hand-crafted, largely with found objects, giving the sets and props a design aesthetic reminiscent of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

"When I was a kid, we would build Phasers out of Legos to play Star Trek or put on a Karate outfit and grab a flashlight to play Star Wars," said Troop. "With Melonpool: the Motion Picture, we have a canvas to keep playing the same way -- and perhaps inspire a new generation to do the same."

Troop currently works as a puppet designer, designing puppets for the Nike MVPuppet commercials, Boost mobile commercial and the Trace Adkins music video, “Brown Chicken, Brown Cow.” The creative team behind the film include puppeteer/producer BJ Guyer (Crank Yankers, Video Game Theater) and director Jon Stout (director of the award-winning short film Bottles). The campaign has already raised their minimum goal of $3,500, but strive to bring the film to the next level by upgrading special effects, sets and building a motion control rig to film miniatures by reaching their new goal of $10,000.

One of the stretch goals is to upgrade the filming miniatures by employing model builder Steve Neill to build studio scale models of the spaceships featured in the film. Neill’s credits include Star Trek: The Motion Picture and Ghostbusters, among others. All of Neill’s fees will go toward caring for his wife who is currently fighting cancer.

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