Organization with Addiction Cure Focus Opens in San Diego, CA

Grey Matters International, a company utilizing medical advancements in the quest to move closer to curing addiction/alcoholism, opens San Diego, CA location

Online PR News – 25-September-2012 – San Diego/California – With worldwide locations, now including San Diego, California, Grey Matters International broadens the scope of availability for those seeking its advanced “brain-change” technology. The new addition remains in line with the company’s 12-year worldwide expansion plan in making better available its unique, high-end services described by many as being on the forefront of curing and potentially reversing such maladies as; drug addiction, substance abuse, alcoholism and other mental health matters.

Headed by owner/operator, Dr. Kevin Fleming, Ph.D., Grey Matters International focuses on utilizing medical advancements in a manner that is showing quantifiable results in reaching new milestones in the quest to cure addiction and alcoholism. It has been widely agreed throughout the addiction/alcoholism treatment industry that no cure exists. Such claims are commonly heard and seen within treatment centers subscribing predominantly to 12-Step protocols. While Grey Matters International takes no position on whether a sufferer should, or should not, choose a 12-Step modality for recovery, owner/operator Dr. Kevin Fleming, Ph.D. states, “We absolutely do not discourage anyone from applying 12-Step principles in their lives, however, our goal is to work in the direction of offering a finite resolution, a potential cure for addiction.” According to claims on the company website, over 30,000 clients have experienced the procedure, some of whom providing verifiable written testimonials claiming to feel as if having been cured of their maladies

The process is termed “Neuroplasticity” and has to do with actually changing the neural pathways and synapses in the limbic system, which is largely responsible for the instinctively-based obsessive thought processes common to addicts and alcoholics. Says Dr. Fleming, “The addiction process is a vicious battle between the primitive lower brain which is largely instinctively driven to feel good, and the logic based upper brain attempting the sufferer to apply sound reasoning as a method of avoidance, which in the case of addicts & alcoholics is unfortunately, futile.” The Dr. continues, “…whereas addiction treatment is typically approached through the logic brain, Grey Matters International approaches this resolution at the very source, this being the region that nearly always wins out when and addict decides to relapse against all sound reasoning.”

Dr. Fleming and Grey Matters International make clear the fact that too many variables exist within the mind of the drug addict or alcoholic in order to assert this as being an across-the-board cure, however, many previous clients have gone on to make such claims.

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