A Local Dallas SEO Company Teams Up With a Local Dallas Plumbing Company to Stop Plumbing Scams

It seems like an unlikely duo to partner up the Best Dallas SEO Company with the best Plumbing Company in Dallas to help win the fight against some of the most common plumbing contractor scandals, but Teksapiens and Metro Flow Plumbing have found a winning strategy.

Online PR News – 24-September-2012 – Dallas TX – One of the biggest challenges that reputable Dallas Plumbing companies face is the tarnished reputation that their unscrupulous competitors have given to the plumbing industry. Feeling that they have the market cornered in their particular suburb of Dallas, they inflate the prices without mercy and often engage in unethical practices, feeling their customers have no choice but to use their services.

Some of those unethical practices include giving verbal quotes that sound reasonable, without actually performing a visual inspection, and then providing the customer with an inflated bill at the end. The plumbers may not take the time to consult with the customer, answer all of their questions, and inform them of their options. These plumbers also frequently fail to provide license information, information about their experience and background, and referrals. It is no wonder that honest plumbing companies have a challenge when it comes to proving their trustworthiness to the public.

Metro Flow Plumbing is a local Dallas Plumbing Company that found itself facing a similar problem. In order to take the bite out of the bad reputation these plumbing scandals have created, they turned to a local Dallas SEO Company called Teksapiens. Teksapiens utilized their state of the art technology to market and broadcast Metro Flow Plumbing's website to a much broader audience. Now any sub city in the DFW area can find Metro Flow's website and have access to an upstanding and reputable plumbing company.

Metro Flow was able to include such vital information on their website as their credentials, license information, experience, background, and testimonials. They also created a place on the website, with the help of Teksapiens, where customers can submit a request for more information to have any questions answered. A quote will not be provided until a representative from the company does a visual inspection. At Metro Flow Plumbing, you can find the best Plumber Dallas has to offer.

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