EMAS™ Pro Uses Corent's SaaS-Enablement Platform to Deliver Student Retention Solution

The new EMAS Retention Pro Software-as-a-Service student success solution empowers improved student retention, by using custom model-based risk & success factors, threshold triggered automated communications & highly coordinated student interventions by advisors & faculty

Online PR News – 25-September-2012 – Aliso Viejo and La Jolla, CA – Corent Technology, Inc., a leader in SaaS enablement software solutions, and EMAS Pro Inc., a leader in higher education enrollment management solutions, today announced EMAS™ Retention Pro, a new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for improving higher education institution’s student retention.

Using the Corent’s SaaS-transformation platform, EMAS Retention Pro is a fully multi-tenant, SaaS application, which enables educational institutions an easy to use, scalable, and cost effective world-class solution.

EMAS Retention Pro delivers browser-based early alerts and triggered to-do lists for staff and faculty, enabling essential campus-wide intervention and collaboration to help students. It monitors customized geo-demographic, academic and behavioral factors with each student and enables programmed outreach to students including emails, phone calls, texts and mail.

EMAS Pro is a great example of how we are rapidly enabling software providers offer elastic and scalable SaaS applications resulting in dramatically reduced cost of on-going service delivery

"SaaS-enabled by Corent's platform, our SaaS solution makes student retention a possibility for any educational institution, regardless of size or budget. There is no need for complex or time consuming installation or setup, institutions can start working to improve student retention and success immediately. Since EMAS Retention Pro is delivered via a browser, it requires no campus software installation, lowers the barriers to entry, and reduces cost of service," said Andrei Sergeev, Ph.D., Senior Vice President and CTO, EMAS Pro.

Corent's SaaS-enablement platform is designed to rapidly transform web applications into elastic and scalable SaaS solutions without changes to the application code.

"EMAS Pro is a great example of how we are rapidly enabling software providers offer elastic and scalable, SaaS applications, resulting in dramatically reduced cost of on-going service delivery," said Shafi Syed, EVP Engineering, Corent. "We know EMAS Pro will enjoy tremendous success with their new SaaS offering and their customers will benefit from a truly innovative user experience."

About EMAS Pro

Since 1996, Educations Systems, Inc. EMAS Pro have directly served hundreds of colleges and universities across the United States and Canada. EMAS Pro is a recognized leader in providing student enrollment management software solutions for student recruitment, retention, and student financial aid delivery. Headquarters in La Jolla, Calif., for more information please see http://www.emaspro.com

About Corent Technology, Inc.

Corent Technology is a leading provider of rapid SaaS enablement software. Corent’s SaaS-Cockpit™ is the leading operations and management platform for SaaS (Software as a Service) providers. Corent’s Multi-Tenant Server™ provides a software “plug-in” approach to instant transformation of conventional, single-tenant software applications into robust, elastic, multi-tenant, cloud-ready SaaS solutions. Corent SaaS Enablement Platform was named the 2012 “Cloud Product of the Year” at the TechAmerica’s 19th Annual High-tech Innovations Awards. For more information about Corent, please visit http://www.corenttech.com

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