Pro Guitar Player Discovers Secret To Emotional Guitar Playing

Tom Hess releases an online instructional guitar course about creating emotion in guitar solos.

Online PR News – 24-September-2012 – Chicago, IL – Tom Hess, professional guitar player in power metal band Rhapsody Of Fire has created a unique resource to help guitar players understand how to express themselves in music.
Many guitarists spend a great deal of time practicing to develop their guitar technique only to have a hard time applying what they have learned when they are ready to begin writing music. As a result, they experience a lot of frustration when they cannot use the skills they have learned to express themselves. As a response to this common situation, Hess makes these remarks:

“The reality for most guitar players is that they have decent guitar playing skills, a good understanding of what they want to express on guitar and a strong desire to create music like their favorite players. However, most guitarists have several limiting beliefs around what it really takes to accurately express emotion in their guitar playing. For instance, these guitarists believe that you have to be able to play fast melodies or practice for endless hours each day. Fortunately, being able to play emotional guitar solos it is not as difficult as you might think.”

He goes on:
“Most likely, all of your favorite guitarists are not necessarily shred guitar players and do not practice endless hours each day. Instead, the reason why these guitarists are so good is that they have learned how to connect together their emotions with the notes they play on guitar. They have a complete awareness of what notes they should play if they want to express a specific feeling or emotion…BEFORE they even play it. The best part is, this ability is not only reserved for the ‘naturally talented’; it is something that you can learn and incorporate into your own music just like learning guitar licks, strumming patterns, speed picking or any other skill for guitar.”

Additionally, in Hess’ online resource he also discusses his views on the role of music theory for creating guitar music and how most people misunderstand it:

“Most guitarists think of music theory as a bunch of abstract theories about intervals, voice leading or chord functions. Fact is, it is way more fundamental than that. Simply put, music theory is about understanding how to manipulate sound in a way that clearly expresses your emotions to where others feel those same emotions. It is very important to understand this as a musician; especially if you would like to create highly emotional music with your guitar.”

Additional information about Hess’ instructional resource on how to start writing emotional guitar music can be found on his website for online guitar training.

Tom Hess teaches guitar players in his online guitar lessons, mentors musicians all over the world on how to build a successful music career and trains guitar teachers how to teach guitar more effectively.

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