PowerLearning21.com Rolls out Bold Plans for 2010

Interactive media hub makes it easy for teachers and students to connect

Online PR News – 18-March-2010 – – Chicago, IL – March 15, 2010- During the final week of February, the Board of Directors for www.PowerLearning21.com met in Pittsburgh, Pa. to discuss plans for the future of the paid video content site. The meeting came after the site’s redesign in the final week of 2009.

PowerLearning21.com is a media hub for teachers, tutors and students across the world, providing educational content on a variety of topics. PowerLearning21, or “PL21” for short, provides a state of the art content-sharing platform that allows “teachers” or “tutors” to upload instructional videos to be purchased by other users, “students”. PL21 defines these terms lightly, as anyone can be a teacher or student in a given subject provided they have background or prior knowledge of the topic.

Although PL21 isn’t the first to implement a site for paid video content, they take it a step further than most by guaranteeing quality content by having a moderation system in place. Additionally, they provide a platform that is easy to navigate, and easily brings teachers and students together.
The interactive community environment that PL21 is creating pulls from the life blood of passionate teachers and eager-to-learn students from across the world to create a really intriguing concept. PL21 thrives on the fact that teachers will always want to teach, students will always want to learn, and the continually cluttering market of free video content will in time be too difficult to search for quality material.

PL21’s Board has approved many new implementations and business strategies to move the Web site forward.

“We have begun developing new tools to make the PL21 platform the best on the web,” said Andy Kucharski, Director of Development for PL21. “Whether you are an educator looking to sell videos online for a supplementary income, a business owner moving your video into e-commerce or an individual looking to monetize your current online video, PowerLearning21.com is going to help you get there.”

PL21 will roll out new changes throughout 2010. Enhancements will include not only upgrades to the face and design of the site, but most importantly to its back-end capabilities that will make it even more technologically savvy and cutting edge than before. For more information, go to www.PowerLearning21.com