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Social Media Marketing strategies and tips for businesses and online entrepreneurs designed to improve Twitter viral marketing results.

Online PR News – 19-March-2010 – – SEO Social Media marketing strategy firm provides tips, techniques and strategies designed to enhance the viral marketing results of using Twitter. This information applies whether to accounts with a few hundred followers or several thousand. These 10 Tweet tips are for companies and online entrepreneurs who are either new to Twitter or not seeing the desired viral marketing return for the time they are investing.

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1- Search for and follow people or businesses that share mutual interests. These are the people that will be more inclined to re-Tweet submitted material providing it's unique, relevant, or important. They are also more inclined to follow in return.

2- Unique, relevant, or important material consists of articles personally written by a company or individual. Or news stumbled on that's believed to be of interest to an accounts target audience. Just as Google continuously mentions 'user search' experience Twitter users should continuously think 'follower search' experience.

3- Try to maintain a ratio of around 50% between original Tweets and re-Tweeting what’s streamed on the home page. People appreciate original material and it‘s more likely to help maintain a loyal following.

4- Don't re-Tweet for the sake of re-Tweeting. Every Tweet sent out is a reflection of a person or businesses online image. However, failure to re-Tweet can be perceived as being self centered.

5- Make sure to follow a useable format for re-Tweeting. Tweets that use up all or almost all of the 140 character allotment have proven to receive far less re-Tweets. Additionally, truncated Tweets don't look professional.

6- Add a concise and clear explanation of what the tiny URL contains and keep it to under 130 characters if possible. This allows for accounts with long hash tags to re-Tweet material without concern that it will get truncated.

7- When writing an article or Blog make sure it has a share mechanism or contains a link to your Twitter account. For instance, the Irbtrax Twitter account is:

And the Online PR News Twitter account is:

8- If providing a business service or product. Limit the number of personal Tweets submitted. Personal Tweets would be social tweets directed at a specific individual or Tweets about what was eaten for lunch. If necessary create a personal account for this activity.

9- Don't add a question marks (?) or other attempts to engage after the majority of submitted Tweets. People get desensitized by them and a failure to respond to someone who attempts to answer them can be perceived as insincere.

10- Don't abuse Auto Tweeting. During research Irbtrax has witnessed the exact same tweet by the same Twitter account roll across Google's real time Twitter feature every 2 minutes. This can be perceived as Internet Graffiti. Worst of all- It's likely that Google will address this issue at some point in the future. Which could be detrimental to those who don't abuse Auto Tweeting. Google cares about 'User Search' experience. Just as Twitter users should think in terms of 'Twitter Follower' experience.

Twitter is inherently a great viral marketing tool. Relevant or newsworthy Tweets take on the characteristics of a Press Release. When retransmitted by your followers they are then picked up by 3rd parties where they can rapidly multiply throughout Twitter. Creating an amazing domino effect even if you don't have thousands of followers. Viral marketing is a core application for product or service recognition and conversions. Additionally, Google SERP's often produce information featured by third party Twitter sites. Lastly, Google real time search results often contain a stream of live Tweets. Twitter is a vital Social Media Marketing application when used to its full potential.

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