Google Caffeine Sightings More Frequent- Some Page Ranks Effected

Google Caffeine sightings increase leading to better search user experience while visibly impacting page rankings for some websites.

Online PR News – 18-March-2010 – – While it's believed many of Google's 'under the hood' changes have already taken place the full 'outside the hood' launch hasn't occurred just yet. However, Google Caffeine is being sighted more frequently and for longer periods of time. During these sightings search results have noticeably changed and some website rankings have been effected.

Google is always improving user search experience, but this is their first major Search Engine infrastructure and algorithm change since 2006. It encompasses 'Real Time' search features and appears to place an emphasis on the following four elements of user search experience:

- Accuracy: Returning SERP's (Search Engine Results pages) that match the exact information you're looking for.
- Relevancy: Ensuring that the SERP's return information that is up to date and useful.
- Efficiency: Faster search results and the ability to custom select your search options.
- Sufficiency: Offering a wider range of results to choose from by including different platforms like Social Media.

The sum total of the above will undoubtedly enhance user search experience which is Google's primary goal. However, it's also shown to impact the page rankings of some websites.

Irbtrax SEO Social Media Internet Marketing has been closely monitoring Google Caffeine since last summer. The increase in frequency of Google Caffeine sightings has allowed Irbtrax to compare the rankings of ten different unrelated websites on four different occasions. The results have been consistent. In the case of six of the websites the rankings stayed essentially the same. In the case of two websites their rankings visibly improved. One by almost two pages. However, in the case of the other two sites their rankings visibly decreased. One by over two pages. Irbtrax has compiled screen prints of the results for comparison. According to Irbtrax founder Scott Moir-

"It's quite possible this is one of the reasons Google has been slowly introducing Caffeine. Giving time for search users to learn its features as well as allowing webmasters and businesses to gather data to make any necessary adjustments"

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