Elephant’s Foot Garbage Compactors Flatten the Cost of Waste Management

Elephant’s Foot Waste Compactors Pty Ltd, a leading Australia resource for industrial facility managers seeking waste and garbage compactors used for waste management, has announced a partnership with Pottinger Waste Disposal Technology.

Online PR News – 22-September-2012 – Padstow, NSW 2211 Australia – Elephant’s Foot has partnered with Pottinger waste management solutions to deliver customized garbage compactors, balers, crushers and chutes for commercial purpose throughout Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania. Businesses throughout Australia seek affordable waste management solutions while reducing the overall impact on the environment. The fact that Elephant’s Foot and Pottinger garbage compactors trim logistics costs by providing efficient waste disposal solutions is a welcomed benefit.

Rubbish in landfills accumulates at a tremendous rate. Waste disposal is a significant cost for any business, but particularly for those dealing with large volume waste products such as cardboard boxes and containers. Garbage compactors reduce these containers by crushing them into cubical bales. The compression reduces the volume occupied by the boxes allowing more waste to be shipped in a single load. This means more garbage is removed without requiring more transports thereby reducing related costs.

Elephant’s Foot works with clients to plan the most appropriate solution for the site. There are garbage compactors that load from the ground, from a ramp or from a portal in a building. There are different types of garbage compactors for different types of waste. For example, a cardboard garbage compactor will compress boxes and other forms of cardboard refuse into bales that are later shipped to a recycling plant.

To arrange for a customised solution for garbage compactors, balers or crushers, contact Elephant’s Foot. Their specialists work through the planning, design and onsite implementation.

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