Employee Benefits Producers are in a Unique Position to Help their Clients Identify and Manage Risk

Benefits Growth Network works with agencies and producers to develop a solid understanding of business practices to help their clients improve profitability.

Online PR News – 18-March-2010 – – St. Louis, MO – Selling medical policies and responding to service questions is no longer enough for an employee benefits agency to engage clients. Fortunately, benefits agencies and their sales teams are in a unique position to help a business proactively manage its greatest asset and expense – its employees. In order to be truly effective with their clients in this way, agencies and producers must have a solid understanding of business practices.

“If an agency is able to help a CEO identify areas of risk his or her business is facing, and can help manage that risk, everyone wins,” says president and coach, Kevin Trokey. Offering an outside perspective, an employee benefits agency is able to help an organization see and understand the impact these risks have on their employees and, ultimately, on their bottom line profit. The cost of employee turnover, poor hiring practices and a lack of brand management all affect an organization’s profit.

Benefits Growth Network has created the BGN Book Club to address the need for insurance agencies to stay current on business trends and help its member agencies develop business acumen. The study groups focus on business practices and challenges that organizations face. The goal of the BGN Book Club is to help agencies develop and hone the necessary knowledge and skills to create effective business solutions and improve their clients’ profitability.

Through the BGN Book Club, members have an immediate level of accountability to read the book thoroughly and understand how to relate it to their business. Developing this level of knowledge and becoming a life-long learner is a requirement to working with clients on a strategic level. Trokey notes that “Personal development is often written into a producer’s annual plan, but it is also often the item that gets the least amount of attention, if any at all. Hopefully, we’re helping to create that foundation for people.”

Jim Michelsen, president of Michelsen Benefits Group, says, “Participating in the BGN Book Club was a very rewarding and educational experience. I gained as much knowledge, if not more, by participating in the discussions with the members of the club. Each person brought their own unique ideas, insights, and observations about how the topics discussed could potentially affect our businesses. Because I knew I was going to participate in the meetings, I read the book with more intensity than I might have otherwise and as a result, got a lot more out of the book.”

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