KEM to expand Healtcare Services

KEM continues centenary celebrations with the laying of the foundation stone for the Centenary Building. More healthcare facilities in the planning

Online PR News – 22-September-2012 – p – KEM delivers on centenary year promises. Set to lay foundation of multi-storied building for additional healthcare services

It is not easy for an institution to continue growing for one hundred years. That’s what makes KEM Hospital so special as it completes its centenary on October 4, 2012. No ordinary years, the hospital has ensured that it brought to Pune the best in medical care, be it in their well known ICUs for adults, children and neonates or the nephrology unit or the internationally acclaimed diabetes centre or its high risk obstetrics unit.
Commencing their centenary celebrations, Dr Kurus Coyaji, Trustee and Medical Director, KEM, said, “On October 14, the Honorable Minister for Agriculture and Food Processing Industries, Shri Sharad Pawar, will perform the ground breaking ceremony and lay the foundation stone for the centenary building.” He spelt out the management’s plans for the hospital in the next decade.

The hospital will add to the services they currently provide with a Hepatobiliary and Liver Transplant Programme, Pediatric Endocrinology and a Centre for Urinary Incontinence in Children. Also in the planning is a Centre for Wound Care. The centenary building will have private and semi private rooms as well as additional adult and pediatric ICUs.

Dr. Farrokh Wadia, HoD, Nephrology Unit, added: “In keeping with its ethos, rather than publicity or celebrations, KEM decided to mark its pre-centenary year by contributing to society. It decided to hold camps for the general public and the police, whose contribution to society often goes unappreciated. We are glad to announce that we have kept our promise. Between 4th October 2011 and September 2012, we have held 14 medical checkup camps for the police, rikshaw drivers and the general public, besides giving discounts on investigations.”

Dr Anand Pandit, Director, Department of Pediatrics, stated, “The KEM Hospital is a teaching hospital, affiliated to the B.J.Medical College. It has taught and trained postgraduate medical students for over 35 years. The KEM Hospital is in a unique position to contribute to the professional growth of doctors from Pune and its districts. Hence, KEM decided to hold CMEs, Workshops and Seminars for medical and paramedical professionals in its pre-centenary year. And it did. A record 41 seminars, workshops and CMEs were held! In short, the KEM Hospital delivered what it promised -- a substantial contribution to the society and the medical fraternity!”
Contrary to what is generally believed, KEM is not a government hospital. It is an NGO, a registered public trust. Recognized as a hospital with many firsts to its credit, the journey began when Sardar Moodliar donated land for the hospital and named it after King Edward VII on October 4, 1912.

KEM’s Firsts
• It is the first multispecialty, non-government, teaching hospital in Pune.
• The first Nephrology Unit with dialysis facilities was established at KEM in 1969 with Peritoneal Dialysis. Haemodialysis was added in 1973. It is now a reputed referral centre for Dialysis and Kidney Transplantation.
• The first to set up a Rural Hospital in 1978 in Vadu, Shirur Taluka. This 30 bed hospital not only provides medical care but is also recognized internationally for its Surveillance Project.
• The first to start an Adult ICU in the seventies:
• The first to set up a Comprehensive Diabetes Unit in Western India in 1985.
• The first and largest NICU in Pune, now a Level 3, Tertiary Care Centre.
• The first to start a High Risk Obstetrics Unit and an Obstetrics ICU.
• The first to establish a centre for comprehensive services, under one roof, for children with special needs, in 1978 – the TDH-Morris Centre.
• The first to set up a universal screening and management program for Detecting Hearing Impairment in Newborns.
• The first to start a Pediatric Surgery Unit, which is now doing excellent work.
• The first Pediatric Emergency Service has been started at KEM.
• The first to start a Blood Bank with only voluntary donors.

Many of its firsts are now Centers of Excellence.

About KEM:
KEM was set up in 1912 by Sardar Moodliar on his own land, and named in memory of King Edward VII, as were several other institutions in that era. By 1944, KEM had 40 maternity beds. It was then that a young, dynamic, 27-year-old gynaecologist, Dr. Banoo Coyaji, came to KEM as a locum doctor. She had come for just 6 months but stayed on for 55 years. Along with her very capable team, she transformed the small 40 bed- hospital into a large, multi-specialty, teaching hospital.
When Banoobai stepped down as President of the KEM Hospital Society in 2000, she found an ideal successor in Mr. B.G. Deshmukh. A former Cabinet Secretary, later Principal Secretary to three Prime Ministers and an upright bureaucrat of sterling integrity, Mr. Deshmukh gave KEM able and distinguished leadership till he passed away on August 7, 2011. Meanwhile, in 1999, Dr Kurus Coyaji became KEM’s Medical Director. Between 1999 & 2011, KEM’s bed strength went up by another 100 beds, the Banoo Coyaji Building was built, the Cardiac Centre was set up and the total capacity of its ICUs went up to 105.