'Web of Lies' Campaign to Spearhead Fight Against Fake Online Reviews

Online reputation and reassurance resource, KwikChex.com is to launch a Facebook campaign as part of their fight to prevent consumers being misled by false good reviews and reputable businesses being damaged by fake bad reviews.

Online PR News – 18-March-2010 – – Online reputation and reassurance resource, KwikChex.com, is launching a campaign to help stop fake and malicious online reviews.

They say that the extreme lack of verification on review and complaints sites means that consumers can easily be duped by businesses and fraudsters posting their own good reviews and reputable businesses can be damaged by competitors, disgruntled employees and people bearing personal grudges.

One aspect highlighted is that otherwise reputable owners are breaking the law by posting good reviews about their own business.

Not not only do many businesses not realise that 'posing as a customer or arranging for others to do so in order to boost online reputation rating is illegal in many countries, including across the European Union and the USA. In America in particular, prosecutions have taken place, resulting in penalties of hundreds of thousands of Dollars and a blow to the reputation of the offenders that can be devastating.

Some business owners have told KwikChex that they have only posted their own good reviews to counter false bad reviews and say that this is a particular problem with Google Map Reviews, which appear in search results and they have not been able to get the Internet giant to remove them.

The owners said they had no idea that what they were doing was illegal and were just trying to restore their reputation

KwikChex also say that they are launching an authenticated review system that will help resolve the trust and defamation issues.