Music Enthusiasts and Thefts, Change is Upon Us

New website allows music fans to give back to artists after downloading their music illegally.

Online PR News – 21-September-2012 – Los Angeles/CA – Music Enthusiasts and Thefts, Change is Upon Us
The music industry is forever changed for music fans, and this time it’s positive. HumanFankind, a service that allows music listeners to give back to the artists that they have stolen from through music piracy has opened its’ internet doors to the public. Since HumanFankind’s creation is has already begun accepting donations for popular bands including Fun., The Temper Trap, Alex Clare, Silversun Pickups, and The Dirty Heads.
Not only is HumanFankind a donation accepting and distributing service, is also allows fans to send a message along with their donation, and stay informed about new music and news within their favorite genres.
Giving back from guilt of piracy is not always cited as the reason for donations. We found that in many cases fans feel as if they should support those that bring them entertainment, being a famous rock star, a local band member, or even their friends that are trying to “make it”.
Similar to band “Radiohead’s” online release of album “Rain-bows” with voluntary donation options, we recognize that listeners no longer want to pay for all of the music that they download, but given the option to give back, nearly 1 out of every 3 will choose to, and at an aver-age of 50% more than the suggested amount. Donations received in Hu-manFankind’s first quarter indicate that the vast majority of donations go to artists performing in the “Rock” or “Alternative” genre. Reasons are unknown, even as rapper David Banner asks two millions fans to donate $1 to “The Movement”.

There is a loss of over $12.5 billion dollars a year due to music piracy (RIAA) and we try to bridge that gap to make artists hard work pay off. “If you give a little, it will sound better!”

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