Commodore Homes, Family Home Builders in Perth, Offer Mix and Match Styling For Home Customisation
20 September 2012
Commodore Homes knows what it means to custom build a home. The family home builders in Perth have already made custom-designed homes available to entry-and mid-level homebuyers. Now they've introduced Mix and Match styling to provide the ultimate in home customisation to those same customers. "Many people assume when they work with a builder to design their own home that they are getting a 100% custom-built home, but that's not necessarily true. Most builders give the choice of 3 or 4 layouts and a few different finishing options and that's it. You can take it or leave it. Mix and Match styling by Commodore Homes gives homebuyers over 200 interchangeable design layouts to choose from, allowing you to create a home that fits your lifestyle perfectly," explained Tiffany Norton, Sales and Marketing Coordinator for Commodore Homes ( Aimed at families and homeowners who are moving up to their second home, Commodore Homes offers its Mix and Match program online at On the site, users can proceed step-by-step through every room of the house and choose their floor plan options. Never overwhelming, the site guides users through different "zones" in the house, presenting straightforward family home designs. Once finished, users can then email the design to themselves and use it as the basis for discussion at their first meeting with Commodore Homes. "Our homes are designed with growing families in mind. Every one of our layouts in the Mix and Match styling program can be built for under $200K. That puts customised home-building within reach of many of today's busy families and even first time buyers," noted Norton. Commodore Homes utilises a flexible, creative approach to home-building that allows each family to create a home that meets their specific needs. The home builder in Perth keeps its designs fresh by constantly updating and adapting them to keep up with current trends and family needs. "At Commodore, we don't think you should force your family to fit the home. Rather, the home should fit your family. The Mix and Match styling allows us to do just that: design homes that fit your family and fit your lifestyle," said Norton.