Substance Abuse and Addiction Recovery Radio Show to Air September 22

The Caring Effect will air a new radio show at 9 a.m. Central time on September 22nd, 2012. In this edition, show hosts talk with a Minnesota congressman, a recovering alcoholic and a volunteer with the Hazelden Foundation.

Online PR News – 20-September-2012 – Minneapolis, MN – Substance abuse and addiction recovery are the topics of the newest radio show from The Caring Effect, a Minnesota non-profit that helps volunteers to connect with those who need help.

The show airs Saturday, September 22nd, 2012 from 9 to 10 a.m. Central time. Listen in at 1330 AM WLOL in the Twin Cities, 1050 AM WDVM in Eau Claire, WI and 1570 AM WKBH in La Crosse, WI. After the show, the podcast will be available for listening anytime on The Caring Effect website.

This edition of the radio show will focus on awareness of the substance abuse problem in our society through the stories of those who have recovered, and will provide information on how to help. An estimated 23 million people need treatment for drug or alcohol addiction today, many of whom either do not know how to get treatment for chemical addition, or whose families are struggling to get help for them.

"Our radio broadcast on substance abuse and addiction recovery will be an incredible event," said Beth Ulrich, co-founder of The Caring Effect. "People feel alone and helpless when facing addiction, and they often don’t know where to turn. But there really is help. And for those who have some time or money to contribute, there are many opportunities. Those who want to help really can make a difference."

The show's guests include a recovering alcoholic who found help through an organization called Minnesota Teen Challenge, a volunteer at the Hazelden Foundation, and former Congressman Jim Ramstad, who is an expert on the subject of alcohol and drug addiction and recovery.

The Addiction Problem in the U.S.

"Addiction is America's #1 public health problem," Congressman Ramstad said. Ramstad was chief co-sponsor (with former Congressman Patrick Kennedy) of the landmark Mental Health and Chemical Addiction Parity Act of 2008, which was signed into law on October 4, 2008.

One systemic problem in our society is that alcoholism and drug addiction are viewed as a controllable personal issue, not a disease. The effect is that many go without treatment, many families lack the resources to help addicted family members, and traditionally addiction is not treated as a disease by the healthcare system.

Ramstad said, "The parity law mandates that providers treat diseases of the brain the same as diseases of the body and, according to the New York Times and the Congressional Budget Office will expand access to 113 million Americans in health plans."

How to Help People with a Substance Abuse Problem

Listeners will learn why they should intervene when they have a family member or loved one who has a substance abuse problem, and how to get the help they need to do so.

Congressman Ramstad will share his personal story as well as many enlightening statistics on the cost of addiction in our society in productivity, medical care and lives lost. James, a recovering alcoholic in the Minnesota Teen Challenge program will share his personal story and how his family helped him turn the corner on addressing his addiction and getting treatment. Mike Simes, a volunteer on the board with Minnesota based Hazelden Foundation, will talk about the many opportunities for volunteers, from administrative help to outpatient assistance and community speaking opportunities.

To tune into the show, simply visit The Caring Effect Radio Show on Alcohol and Drug Addiction at the scheduled time. After the radio show, the program will be available for listening at any time on The Caring Effect website.

About The Caring Effect

The mission of The Caring Effect is to share the stories of people who need help with those who want to make a difference, and help them share their resources of time and money with those in need. The Caring Effect can be reached at 952-491-0225. Or visit

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