Grav Co LLC Is Recognized As The Top Supplier Of Walnut shell media

Grav Co LLC is not a strange world in the mass finishing supply world. With all these years, they have gained huge reputation and have thousands of satisfied customers around the Globe. Today, they have become one of the top suppliers of walnut shell media, according to the professionals of Grav Co LLC.

Online PR News – 27-June-2009 – – Lithuania, June 2009 - “With almost all the construction works stopped around the planet because of the worst economic conditions, the demand for the mass finishing media is very low now. The construction projects have stopped only because of the fact that the supplies have almost doubled in the prices. With the nosedived economic condition, the mass finishing media suppliers are even struggling to survive. That is the reason why most of the mass finishing media such as the walnut shell media often remain costly in most places of the market. Thankfully, things are way different with us. Apart from providing the best quality mass finishing products and vibratory finishing machines the costs of the products are also very much competitive. The experience about the market gained through all these years has made is possible for us to supply the mass finishing media at the cheapest possible prices in the market” says Mr. David Scheetz of Grav Co LLC.

Speaking about being the top supplier of walnut shell media, “It doesn’t surprise us that we are in the top position of the suppliers of the walnut shell media. You will be well aware of the fact that the walnut shell media are the integral supplies needed for any construction project. As we are providing them for very cheap prices even under these worst economic conditions we are actually helping out many projects out there to keep on going even most of the construction works around have stopped. We provide the mass finishing media at the cheapest possible rates and this makes the construction projects continue as they don’t have to spend thousands of dollars in the construction supplies” says the professional.

Speaking on the move, Mr. David Scheetz said, “No matter what the market condition is, we do not change the market prices of our products. Continuing to supply the mass finishing media at the same prices doesn’t mean that we will compromise the quality. We know where the market is heading to and we realize the fact that the market conditions will regain the shape soon.”

About Grav Co LLC

Grav Co LLC continues to manufacture the finest mass finishing equipment and supplies in the marketplace. We still build vibratory finishing, disc finishing, high speed and low speed barrel finishing, and spin finishing equipment in our Sturgis, Michigan plants. We also manufacture vibratory finishing media, treated cob meal and various liquid and powder compounds, and have a very good line of ceramic finishing media.

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