Dr Oz Tests Effectiveness of Green Coffee Bean for Weight Loss

Dr Oz designs his own study to test effectiveness of green coffee bean extract

Online PR News – 19-September-2012 – San Francisco, CA – San Francisco, CA- September 2012 - The weight loss supplement known as green coffee bean extract has been promoted in the recent months as a safe and effective way to lose weight. One of the major differences between this weight loss supplement and many others that have been promoted is that there is actual clinical proof that green coffee bean extract works.

In the late spring, Dr. Mehmet Oz first reported on the study and promoted the use of green coffee bean extract. Participants in the 22-week-long study were reported to have lost an average of 17 pounds during the study period.

Dr. Oz has since performed his own study using 100 volunteer viewers. The study was initiated and designed by Dr. Oz and with help from his medical advisory board. The volunteer viewers were divided into two groups. One group received a placebo, while the second group was given the green coffee bean extract.

The volunteers were women who had a BMI (Body Mass Index) of between 25 and 45. There was no history of diabetes, heart attack, or stroke in the volunteer group, and none of the women were pregnant or breast feeding. The women were asked to keep a food log as well to ensure that there were no significant changes in eating habits during the study period.

The volunteers were all weighed and measured. After which they were given identical bottles of either the placebo or the actual green coffee bean extract with instructions to take one pill one half-hour before each meal three times per day. The group that received the supplement were ingesting 400 milligrams of green coffee bean extract for a total of 1200 milligrams.

The 100 female volunteers viewers lost a total of 123 pounds during the study period, with the majority of that weight loss (nearly 82 pounds) coming from the women who received the green coffee bean extract. On average, those study participants who were taking the supplement lost two pounds per week, while those taking the placebo lost a solitary pound per week.

Dr. Oz explains the weight loss of those who were taking the placebo as a demonstration of the power of the mind. If people are told that they will lose weight if they take this pill, they lose weight even if they are not receiving the actual supplement. In addition, the use of the food log may have motivated the volunteers to eat in a more mindful way.

The supplement must be taken as recommended to achieve the results shown by either study, and keeping a food log may double the efficiency of the green coffee bean extract. In addition, people who are considering green coffee bean extract should exercise caution regarding where they buy supplements. The label should state “Svetol” or “GCA” and there should be no fillers, no binders, and no artificial ingredients. According to Dr. Oz, a 30 day supply should cost around $30.00. The supplement should be in capsule form and be made of at least 45% chlorogenic acid

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