Nokia X6 – Users can enjoy it on Vodafone network

Vodafone has always been at the forefront in offering excellent phones on its network to the users in the UK. Nokia X6, an exceptional mobile, has been chosen for the purpose this time.

Online PR News – 18-March-2010 – – Nokia mobile phone manufacturer has always offered one or the other excellent phones to the people across the world.

In the series, Nokia X6 is yet another marvel of the 21st century, which is now available on Vodafone network for the mobile users across the UK.

There are exceptional features of Nokia X6 that are worth mentioning. With a 3.2-inch wide touch screen display, things look bigger than ever. There is no dearth of space when it comes to the storage capacity.

Technologically convincing, the phone has been the most preferred device of the mobile users of the UK as of now. Moreover, with Vodafone with its offer has furthered the popularity of this technological marvel.

Nokia X6 has never been short of modern features. It's impressive, stylish, and gorgeous at the same time. Be it any aspect, the phone is nevertheless one of the most prized possessions of the mobile users of the UK. With 5 MP camera, photography becomes easy and lucid. In fact, any camera above 3MP is worthwhile from photographic point of view.

The phone also gives the user enough reasons to smile. With FM radio, accelerometer sensor, VGA video recording at 30 fps, Bluetooth, built-in GPS receiver, and many more functionalities, the device has never been less than a revolution.

Since it is set to be available on the Vodafone network, it will come to the user with loads of additional features, which Vodafone offers to its customers. For example, Vodafone 360 Homescreen empowers the users to access their contacts in an instant. For music lovers, Nokia X6 on Vodafone is not less than a prized possession. With DRM-free tracks, users can enjoy a plethora of songs from the existing library of over 2 million songs.