iTrackMood - New Mood Tracking App for Daily Use

Newly launched iTrackMood is the first of several anticipated apps co-developed by WebTeam Corp and EvoLibri Consulting, designed to track emotional and cognitive states throughout the day.

Online PR News – 19-September-2012 – Somerset,NJ – Easy to use, this app guides users through a simple set-up process. The user selects three different times during the day, at which times a discreet chime will remind the user to log in and rate their mood on a Likert scale of 1-5. The user is prompted to enter optional written notes, or to record a brief audio note, and based on his/her rating, will then be guided to a screen of suggested options to maintain or improve the noted emotional or cognitive state. For example, users who record that they are seriously depressed are presented with reminders to call their therapist or a friend, and to make sure they are in a safe place. This screen also has options to dial 911 or the national suicide hotline [check this] directly from the app’s screen.
“The mere act of stopping throughout the day to be mindful of our current emotional or cognitive state is critical,” notes Jan Johnston-Tyler, CEO of EvoLibri Consulting. “Frequently, we are in such a rush throughout our days that we don’t even realize how badly we are feeling until we start falling apart. Being able to take immediate action to improve our mood can provide immediate relief. It’s as simple as that.”
An optional, but very powerful, ancillary application allows clinicians to access their client’s information in real-time. Called iTrack Clinical Console, this application will allow clinicians to set contact alarms for individual clients based on selected thresholds. For example, a therapist can receive a text message or email if a client’s mood stays at or below a rating of 2 for more than two days. The Clinical Console also allows for more in-depth charting and reporting, useful not only to monitor daily status, but to determine trends over time, such as regular drops in mood at that same time each day, which could indicate that medication may be wearing off too early in the day or that there is an environmental trigger prompting a change in mood. Over longer periods of time, trending information could be useful for accurately differentiating between the various mood disorders, such as Bi-Polar and Seasonal Affective Disorder.
“The ability to track real-time information about emotional and cognitive states is critical for clinicians. We know that humans are notoriously poor at providing good data about past emotional states. By checking in at regular periods and recording this information digitally, clinicians will have much more accurate data to use in diagnosis and treatment,” Jan Johnston-Tyler adds.
WebTeam Corp and EvoLibri Consulting are planning on rolling out additional applications to track Anxiety and Attentional states in the near future.
About EvoLibri Consulting
Located in the heart of Silicon Valley in Santa Clara, California, EvoLibri Consulting was founded by our CEO in 2007 to help neurodiverse individuals ‘make life work’. Serving primarily teens and adults, EvoLibri works with individuals who have Asperger’s Syndrome, ADHD, learning and mood challenges through development and execution of life goals that work. With close ties to local and regional resources and offering their own customized services, EvoLibri provides career, vocational, and job development, executive functioning training, independent living skills training, social communities and support groups, as well as ABA therapy and general counseling. Based on the vision of our CEO, Jan Johnston-Tyler, MA (herself a high tech refugee and mother to two special needs children), EvoLibri has worked with hundreds of clients and their families to help them find their rightful place in this world. EvoLibri is a socially-conscious, woman-owned business, who proudly employs individuals with hidden disabilities.

About WebTeam Corporation
WebTeam Corporation (WTC) is a technology-driven company based in Somerset, NJ, working in areas of special education, staffing and recruitment, and customized software development. Founded in 2006, WTC specializes in leveraging the potential of touchscreen technology to improve the lives of children with autism. Shanesh COLORS - the company's patent pending technology - has been a buzz on the market of late, offering a cost-efficient supplemental intervention option to parents, teachers and professionals involved with the autism community.

WebTeam Corporation has been working closely with several industry experts and service providers, and is constantly on the lookout for breakthrough autism research. The goal of the copmpany is to develop an affordable, holistic, synchronized and consistent education model capable of tapping the latest mobile technology to make the overall experience of learning and development stimulating and enjoyable for special children.