Women Can Live Happier After Divorce

New book tackles what women go through during divorce, and the steps real people have taken to start living happier than ever before.

Online PR News – 19-September-2012 – Conshohocken, PA – Statistics says women initiate 65 percent of the divorces in America. In fact, among college-educated couples, 90-percent of divorces are initiated by wives. As women age they’re deciding to leave unhappy marriages at rates never before seen in America.

After ending her own unhappy marriage, author Wilma Jones became a single mom, but she was also determined to figure out how to emerge better, not bitter as result of her experiences.

In Living Happier After: 20 Women Talk About Life After Divorce women tell how they overcame the demise of their marriage and started living happier after their divorce. It’s specifically targeted to women who, alongside their husbands were, “bringing home the bacon and cooking it, too” when their lives fell apart.

Relationship therapist, author and talk show host, Audrey B. Chapman notes in the book foreword that during this time “wives…need a guidebook like Living Happier After.”

Jones has become an expert in living happier after divorce, or any devastating life experience, thanks to the principles of Positive Psychology. Through an intensive period of reading and researching, including speaking with hundreds of women, surveying over 100 women, and conducting in-depth interviews with over 20 women, she confirmed what it takes to become healthy and happy after devastation.

Living Happier After allows you to listen in as over 20 women who have been divorced tell you exactly how they got happier in that awful space immediately following the separation. Women who overcame abuse, desertion, financial disaster, infidelity and more let you know the real deal regarding what it takes to overcome the demise of a marriage and emerge living happier after.

Jones speaks professionally and conducts workshops and seminars on the concepts discussed in Living Happier After. Learn more at www.LivingHappierAfter.com.

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Title: Living Happier After: 20 Women Talk About Life After Divorce
Author: Wilma Jones
Published date: August 2012
ISBN: 978-0741477583
Publisher: Infinity Publishing