New Jersey Senior Care Agency Beginning 6th Year Serving Local Community

Senior Helpers franchise owner Marc Levine is entering his sixth year in the local area, and along with the rise in demand for alternative elder care options, his business has grown every year he has been open.

Online PR News – 18-September-2012 – Manalapan, NJ. – Elder Care is a major issue for a growing number of families in today’s society. In 2008, the first of the baby boomers (Americans born between 1946 and 1964) started to take early retirement, beginning a trend that will see the largest generation in U.S. history enter their golden years. But the ‘boomers’ are a bit different from previous generations, not only in size, but in mindset. With an independent spirit and a determination to stay active during retirement, the ‘boomers’ have no intention of riding off quietly into the sunset. And they certainly don’t want to spend their waning years in a nursing home.

The demand for independent living during retirement has spawned the emergence of in home senior care agencies throughout the country. One such company responding to the need is Senior Helpers in home care agency Manalapan NJ. Owner Marc Levine founded this agency in September 2007 and will soon be starting his sixth year. During his previous five years in business, Levine has seen steady growth and a high client retention rate. Levine believes the secret to his success is the personalized service he delivers, something that sets him apart from most of his competition.

“I’m the owner, and I’m the first person the prospective client meets when they are considering our agency,” Levine says. “I do it this way because I want the client and family members to meet the person responsible for their care and to build rapport with the owner (me). This gives them greater trust in the care that is administered, and is part of what makes mine a high quality company.”

Another reason Marc is the first person to meet the clients and their families is to better evaluate their circumstances so he can find the best possible caregiver match. This is one of the major factors in his high retention rate, and one of the reasons for the high rate of customer satisfaction with his agency.

“All our caregivers are direct employees of our agency whom are fully screened, licensed, bonded, and insured,” Levine continues. “So bottom line is we know and trust each one of them to provide top quality in home care with compassion, passion and enthusiasm. But beyond that, we also need to conduct a thorough evaluation of the client and family to insure we deliver them a caregiver whom they will be compatible with. I conduct this evaluation myself, and in almost every case, I am able to deliver the client someone that will not only meet their needs, but will also become a great friend and companion.”

Senior Helpers Middlesex County in home elder care is quite different from the more traditional ‘one size fits all’ elder care alternatives. Some of the benefits of working with Senior Helpers include:

• Custom-tailored treatment plans designed to fit the needs of each individual client/family.
• The client’s ability to continue living independently in the place they most want to be; at home.
• A full complement of treatment options ranging from basic companion and personal care services administered on an hourly basis all the way up to 24/7 live-in dementia care or Alzheimer’s care.
• One-on-one personal relationships between the client and their designated in home caregiver.
• Treatment plans that are month to month, allowing clients to easily make changes to or terminate the plan should the need arise.
• Better overall quality of life.

The growing success of Levine’s agency and hundreds of other Senior Helpers locations across America shows that Senior Helpers is responding to this growing in home care niche with a solution their clients are thrilled with. As he begins his sixth year in business, Levine believes the Senior Helpers franchise model combined with his personalized touch is a winning combination that will keep his agency serving the community for many years and perhaps decades to come.

“We live by the old adage that if you put your clients first, the dollars will follow. And we have certainly seen that played out here in Monmouth and Middlesex Counties. We truly believe that our seniors are a treasured asset that makes our community stronger, and we gratefully serve them with passion and enthusiasm, not only because it’s our business, but because it’s the right thing to do.”

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About Senior Helpers Monmouth County In Home Senior Care:

Senior Helpers is a locally owned and operated in home senior care agency serving the communities of Monmouth and Middlesex Counties in New Jersey. The agency was founded by Marc Levine in 2006. Levine got into the in home care business because he saw the need to help an increasingly aging population, but he did not realize how much enjoyment he would receive from meeting so many interesting people with such incredible lives. “It’s a great experience to be intertwined with so many lives. I feel privileged,” Levine says.

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