NEW SerBIZyo FREE Online Payroll Solutions

SerBIZyo is a continuously growing business that offers an online payroll service which can be used anytime, anywhere and at a minimal cost. The new SerBIZyo Timekeeping and Payroll System allows an organization to create different payroll operations depending on company policies.

Online PR News – 18-March-2010 – – SerBIZyo International Company Ltd. is a continuously growing business in providing and distributing software services and payroll solutions that enable SMEs in the Philippines to become competitive and efficient in this new age of Information Technology at extremely affordable cost. It represents a new way in providing automation to small businesses who cannot afford business automation. However, we understand the need for automation is essential in every business aspect and by utilizing our new software solutions an organization can overcome that obstacle for a very nominal monthly fee.

The new SerBIZyo Timekeeping and Payroll System allow companies to manage their payroll operations through their web browser. A business online payroll designed specifically to work with any kind of Internet connection, removing the need for time consuming installations. This makes it readily accessible anytime, anywhere. This new payroll program is a Philippines based payroll system allowing Philippines companies to automatically calculates SSS, tax with the employee’s salary. Create different payroll applications used in generating reports depending on organization needs. Store and access data at any time, anywhere, Manage and configure employee’s information. Be in control when creating company pay levels, insurance and allowances. Easily determine payroll with our one-click creation of pay slips. That will completely make your work loads easier.

What SerBIZyo offers to your business?

• Boost in staff efficiency and business productivity
• Philippine Based Payroll System
• Get IT without initial investment
• Industry Leading Security and reliability
• Customization of existing solution for a fraction of the cost
• Get started immediately with our one click sign up process
• Employee Payroll Automation with no hassle
• 24/7 Payroll information and Support Options

We believe that an automated payroll system deserves a high quality data security. We make sure that we provide our users with superior technology in securing data. Utilizing the same technologies banks use in securing online transactions, we guarantee that the user information is safe and private.

Understanding the opportunity for innovation is our standard in business development. Increased in productivity can only be achieved if a solution fits the business software requirements. We advocate in fulfilling that vision by enhancing our present solutions allowing companies to focus on the business and not on the software details. Best of all it cost nothing to get started, our software solution is a FREE Philippines payroll. We empower businesses by using a Pay per Use model by which our users will be charged based on the amount of use of the system. We deliver Top quality computerized payroll system and services to our clients. With these creative payroll solutions, certainly our advocacy to minimize and eventually aid standardization in the Philippines will never be far.