Control Your Dog or Cat’s Firework and Noise Phobia With This Natural Therapy

There is now no need for your beloved pets to suffer in fear of fireworks or loud noises thanks to this simple and affordable Home Study Program that everyone can do.

Online PR News – 18-September-2012 – Worldwide – Fear of fireworks and loud noises is one of the most common phobias suffered by dogs and cats and can cause sever stress for the suffering animals as many pet owners will know only too well.

The most common symptoms including shaking, trembling, excessive drooling, barking, howling, cowering under tables, trying to escape and some may lose bladder or bowel control. It is very distressing for the owner to see their beloved pet so traumatised.

The problem is that fireworks aren’t just a seasonal occurrence, not only are they widely used to celebrate 4 July in the US and Bonfire night in the UK, they are used for all types of celebrations like New Years Eve, at amusement parks, private parties and at many other events throughout the year. It can be difficult for the traumatised animal to escape the noises.

It’s highly likely that a pet that is fearful of fireworks will also live in fear of thunderstorms, loud bangs, traffic, the trash cart and any other loud noises like a knock on the door so the poor animal can live a stressful life and this leads to a great stress for the owner too.
But now International Animal Healer Rob Fellows from England is giving pet owners around the world the skills they need to calm and comfort their pets whenever they need to.
Rob is a Reiki Master Teacher with a keen interest in helping pet owners improve the lives of their dogs, cats, horses and other animals.

Rob says ” Over the years I have seen many animals who are suffering from stress related conditions and fear of fireworks and other loud noises is very typical of the cases I see so its hardly surprising that noise phobia is one of the most common complaints. I’ve seen this with one of my own dogs and so I know just how distressing it is to see your beloved pet in just a distressed state”.

“In order to help as many pet owners around the world as possible I’ve developed a series simple Home Study Programs for pet owners. I ‘trigger’ everyone’s inbuilt ability to give healing to their pets. Reiki is a wonderful natural healing therapy that anyone can do and it is really effective at calming away anxiety, and is the ultimate way to bond with your pet.”

Reiki is a simple hands-on healing therapy that can help reduce physical pain and ease emotional problems such as those linked to noise phobia. Every student on this Home Study Program receives a comprehensive manual showing the best hand positions for maximum healing benefit, a certificate, and most importantly personal distance attunements by Rob to release your healing ability. Rob is then available by email for on-going support.

Rob adds, “This is an easy therapy to learn and very simple and safe to do. It involves no manipulation or needles and can really make a positive difference to your pet’s life. I’m looking forward to giving you this gift of healing, which will last you a lifetime.”

Select the Home Study Programs that is best for you. Choose from Reiki for Dogs, Reiki for Cats, Reiki for Horses or Reiki Animal Healer. Each manual includes sections on Reiki for people as well as your chosen animal healing.