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With DVD to Flash Converter, you can rip and make your DVD copy into FLV SWF flash file with high speed and perfect quality

Online PR News – 18-March-2010 – – What is DVD?

DVD, also known as "Digital Versatile Disc" or "Digital Video Disc," is an optical disc storage media format. Its main uses are video and data storage. DVDs are of the same dimensions as compact discs (CDs) but store more than six times as much data.

What is FLASH?

Flash Video is a file format used to deliver video over the Internet using Adobe Flash Player (initially produced by Macromedia) versions 6–10. Flash Video content may also be embedded within SWF files.

With DVD to Flash Converter, you can rip and make your DVD copy into FLV SWF flash file with high speed and perfect quality and share it with your friends and family for uploading to your personal blog, YouTube, MySpace, Yahoo video and Google video etc.

* Flexible DVD content conversion
You can import any VTS_**_*.vob or the IFO files to process.
* H.264 and Flash 8 video encoding
H.264 video encoding is to gain a higher video quality with the same bite rate or a smaller file size with the same video quality. Flash 8 video encoding offers you a high video quality.
* Time-saving batch conversion
Process batches of files at a time with efficiency, achieving what manual work is impossible.
* Project profile saving for different uses
You can save project profile for later use, or save multiple projects for different uses.
* Cue Points for Events and Navigation
Cue Points allow you to add events and navigations at points where you want the video to interact with another element on a webpage, for example, want to display text, synchronize with a Flash animation, seek a different time point in the video, etc.
* Ready HTML file for web design
HTML file providing codes is ready for you to edit, reducing your workload and saving time for video publishing.
* Flash Player with brilliant skins, full-screen playback and settable controls
Various skins are for you to choose to match your web style. Settable controls are for you to custom a Player that others may not have, while full-screen video playback is for your visitors to enjoy the video at ease.
* Various amazing animated preloaders
Funny animated preloaders for video loading to grasp your visitors attention and prevent them from leaving.
* Wide availability of Flash Player profile settings
This helps you to custom a Flash Player that others do not have: controls to display, control bar panel, auto rewind, auto play, big play button, etc.
* Precise video trimming and cropping
Allows precise video trimming to millisecond, e.g. from 00:36:15.537 to 01:03:10.315, captured video clip: 00:26:54.778. Allows precise video cropping, e.g. from 321*246 to 98*56 (pixel), which not only helps to kill the black margins but for the exact movie portion!
* Watermarking
Add text and image watermarking to brand your company or prevent illegal use of your video.
* Random frame for the first frame
Get a random frame in the video for the first frame to theme your video!
* Video sequencing
Paste videos before and after the project to sequence for a whole.
* Video link for video security
The program allows you to set links to your video to avoid others copying or non-permitted using.
* Audio replacement
You can replace the original audio file with a new file to go with your video.
* Fine video and audio sync
No audio crackling, video freezing, or playback stuck through out the movie playback.

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