International Parental Kidnapping and Christopher Dahm

Christopher Dahm Announces Continued Support of Children’s Organizations Supporting International Parental Kidnapping Victims and Reuniting Families

Online PR News – 18-September-2012 – Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Christopher Dahm is pleased to announce his continued support of local and national organizations improving the well-being of children, especially those that support international parental kidnapping.
Christopher Dahm donates to a variety of organizations in the South Florida area which work to improve the lives of children. Christopher’s mission is to reunite families broken apart from international parental kidnapping. He believes the support is necessary and that public acknowledgement of donations will bring more support to the organizations. The good works done by these organizations could not be accomplished without generous donations from contributors like Dahm.
Dahm donates to Weston Philharmonic Society, Broward Center for the Performing Arts, Kids in Distress, Toys for Tots, and March of Dimes. Except for the latter two organizations, these are local organizations that help children in South Florida.
The Weston Philharmonic Society and the Broward Center for the Performing Arts provide music and art services to children in the area. Dahm believes the decline in music and art education in public schools needs to be met elsewhere by society in order to give children the best, most well-rounded education possible. The organizations also provide a platform for local groups to partake in theater or other forms of art and have a place to do so.
Dahm is also a big supporter of the Kids in Distress Organization of South Florida. This organization provides a variety of services to children in broken or abusive homes. Dahm believes this organization provides a vital service to the community that needs to be supported by local donations and volunteerism. Kids in Distress provides family reunification services to help families disrupted or broken up by violence or abuse. They also provide a service, which Dahm would like to see more of. Kids in Distress runs a 24/7 shelter as a safe haven for kids who are victims of abuse or violence at home. This means kids have a place to go to get help and support.
Christopher Dahm currently lives in South Florida. He works as a successful Financial Consultant in which he has earned a variety of awards. He enjoys staying fit, learning about business, and helping others. Dahm hopes his example of support will help bring others to