Jesse Sartain Launches Online Green Initiative

Jesse Sartain, the award winning chef and taster, has started a website to educate people about global warming. The website addresses many environmental issues in various angles. The master chef’s green initiative busts several myths about global warming and focuses on real and present dangers posed by greenhouse gas emissions.

Online PR News – 18-March-2010 – – Jesse Sartain, the man who has prepared thousands of delicious dishes, has now launched a website to provide food for thought for people who are concerned about global warming.

Mr. Sartain, who has pioneered many campaigns during his illustrious career, spanning several decades, says, “A healthy environment is as important as, if not more important than, healthy food.” He adds that his green initiative is part of his efforts to give “something back to society” that has helped him develop a successful career in the food and hospitality sector.

Mr. Sartain, who now works as the National Director of Cordon Du Monde, San Francisco, says that the website will address many aspects of global warming. One of the main objectives of the website, according to its founder, is to provide clear and concise information about environmental issues, such as global warming and greenhouse gas emissions.

He rightly points out that the scientific and generic data about these matters are often contradictory. One of the stated aims of the websites is to clear the confusion prevailing among the ordinary people about the pressing environmental issues.

The website (, entitled “Jesse Seatrain about Global Warming Effects,” explains scientific theories and hypotheses about global warming in simple terms that even a layman can understand. It also traces the history of this environmental effect and hints at the possible future trends.

The mission of the website, according to Mr. Sartain, goes much beyond just educating people. He says, “Implementation, not consultation, is our mission.” If his track record is anything to go by, there is every chance that his new initiative will become a worthy initiative toward saving the environment. He is the pioneer of several popular culinary shows and tasting events. When he started his profession in the 1980s, there were many people who labeled him crazy.

One among his critic-turned admirers is famous chef Pascal Oudin, who once remarked: “We thought he was a madman, who was rushing from city to city to conduct chef events, featuring these awards presentations.” His efforts indeed produced the desired results. Another well-known chef Fernando Gutierrez acknowledges the contributions of Jesse Sartain: “We all knew the awards were like fireworks – simply a flash in the night – but certainly, a much appreciated spotlight for our labor and profession.”

Mr. Sartain believes that his experience as an organizer and professional stature as a master chef will fuel the growth of his environmental endeavor. He also hopes that he can use his reputation to channel the people’s attention toward environmental issues.

He is delighted at the people’s response toward his green initiative. The website has already attracted tens of thousands of visitors. More importantly, the website looks like a comprehensive portal that covers the whole gamut of issues about global warming. As in the case of food, Jesse Sartain seems to have found the right recipe for a website ( to promote environmental protection.