Sentrex Services launches special industrial cleaning Services for SME's

Sentrex Services launches new technologies and special cleaning solution for the SME's, for those they are unable to afford expensive industrial cleaning services.

Online PR News – 17-September-2012 – Manchester – With the recent advancement in industrial cleaning law, now it is essential for factories and warehouses to perform regular cleaning. As per the industrial law guidelines it is mandatory to keep the premises clean and take care of the worker's safety/health. It is not always easy for every factory owner to perform daily/weekly cleaning activities as this is very expensive and to resolve the problem of cost Sentrex Services UK LTD took an initiative & launched some cost effective industrial cleaning solution for SME's.

Sentrex are always the industry leader in providing cleaning services to small and medium scale enterprises and also to big corporate. And with the new launched solutions Sentrex is now planning to capture the whole market with their world class services. In the recent years Sentrex has got many award for cleaning and specially in the industrial cleaning segment Sentrex has got the maximum exposure.

Company's managing Director, Mr. Andrew Moorwood in a conference stated that this recent launch by the company is specially to target those SME's they are not able to afford expensive cleaning solution, however this service is not "Cheap", this service is called "Cost-effective Solution". Services and equipments used in this service are also top class, as Sentrex never compromise in Quality; this is why Sentrex is the market leader in industrial cleaning. Mr. Moorwood also mentioned that the company is also planning to launch more similar services very soon.

Company's marketing and web consultant, Crocus Infotech is providing the company with all kind of web support to get the company listed on top and in past 12 months Crocus Infotech helped the organization with a lot of technical support. All the customers and data held in Sentrex are completely secured by them and Sentrex keep a record of all kind of services opted by the clients.

The growth rate of the company shows that Sentrex has cover more than 70% of the industrial cleaning segment of north-west England and it is planning to increase this by additional 20% in next 12 months time which will make them to get 90% of industrial cleaning services, and which will be a huge success.

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