PortableFireplace.com to Give Away Free Fireplace for Facebook Fans

PortableFireplace.com, an online retailer of alternative and electric fireplaces, is offering a contest wherein they will give away one of their best selling tabletop fireplace units for free to one randomly-selected Facebook fan as soon as their fan count reaches 1,000.

Online PR News – 21-September-2012 – San Diego, CA – The fall season is fast approaching, and that means business is starting to really pick up for online retailers such as PortableFireplace.com, one of the web's leading vendors of easily installed, easily carried modern electric fireplaces. How does an electric fireplace company take advantage of this surge in consumer traffic? If you're PortableFireplace.com, you reach your customers by giving them something very valuable for free. In this case, a free fireplace for one lucky Facebook Fan.

The demand for items such as the luxury fireplaces offered by this experienced company has increased by staggering margins over the last decade, as people seek out more fuel-efficient methods of keeping their homes warm during the cold seasons. But the competition has also increased, as more and more fireplace companies have saturated the market, eager to get a piece of the action. To keep themselves at the forefront of the fireplace niche, Sam Kakitani and John Hoang (Co-Presidents) have opted to run a contest on Facebook: if they reach 1,000 Facebook "Likes" by an as-yet undisclosed time, they will randomly select one of those Fans to receive a tabletop fireplace completely free of charge.

We want to reach new fans and get our great products out in front of people who might really need them but dont necessarily know who we are yet

"We want to reach new fans and get our great products out in front of people who might really need them, but don't necessarily know who we are yet," says Tom Stevens, a representative of STL Stores, the parent company of PortableFireplace.com. "At the same time, we don't want to alienate the people who are already fans of us on Facebook. We really appreciate our fans, so we want to give them a chance to win the prize as well."

While the specific model of the prize has not yet been made official, it is confirmed to be a minimum $100 value, and it will be shipped directly to the winner's home within 10 days of the winner announcement at no cost to the recipient.

"The rules of the contest are simple," says Hoang. "All you have to do is 'Like' us on Facebook, and then you are automatically entered into the random drawing, which will be held as soon as we hit 1,000 fans. It's a fun contest for fans because everyone likes to have an equal chance at winning, and of course the winning fan gets a really awesome luxury fireplace without having to pay a dime. And we get a big boost in exposure and hopefully word-of-mouth before the holiday season gets in full swing."

PortableFireplace.com offers free shipping on all products within their online catalog anywhere in the United States, and even those who do not win the contest can still get a great deal on one of their electric fireplace models. "We have a pretty big sale every year, for a few days in the fall, which we affectionately call a 'fire-sale,'" says Stevens, with a knowing smile. "so definitely check in with our site once in a while. You won't want to miss our huge fall sale, but it will be gone almost as soon as it arrives."

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PortableFireplace.com has been selling electric fireplaces and gel-fueled tabletop fireplace furniture for the past five years. They have an enormous catalog of fireplace goods and accessories, as well as years of experience and intimate knowledge with all the biggest fireplace brands. They have recently been exploring social media avenues to best serve their customers.

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