(Maricopa.AZ) March 17, 2010 Officer Martice Berry lends insight on the pitfalls of complacency

The phenomenon of the Denial Syndrome or complacency can not be over emphasized.

Online PR News – 18-March-2010 – – The benefit of being pro-active and utilizing the concept of foreseeability is a critical lesson learned since 9/11. The denial syndrome is the one human response mechanism which can be most fatal in any security response program or effort. On too many occasions, individuals, whether VIP’s, corporate executives or the neighbor down the street will simply place their hand in the sand and resolve themselves stating to themselves “it won’t happen to me”.

The results of this type of complacency is too may times very costly and potentially, deadly.
It is in these instances that we sharply notice the denial syndrome and complacency in operating in our lives. "We plainly need to realize that we no longer live in a society that was as safe as when we grew up,"says Officer Martice Berry CEO of EEP.

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