R4 3DS Available For Nintendo 3DS XL New Version.

With the latest release of the Nintendo 3DS XL console, there are only a handful of R4 3DS cards that will work and bring you all of your freeware games and apps. The R4 3DS Team is happy to announce 2 compatible models.

Online PR News – 17-September-2012 – Los Angeles, CA – Now that the latest update in Nintendo's line of game consoles - the Nintendo 3DS XL - has been released and is available for purchase, the official R4 3DS Team is proud to announce that their official R4 cards fully support the newest 3DS console. The bigger screen and bigger buttons makes for some amazing game play, similar to what the DSi XL offered Nintendo DSi owners when it was first released.

Testing has not been completed, and there are several models of the R4 3DS cards that work perfectly on the new Nintendo 3DS XL. Similar to when the Nintendo DSi XL was released, R4 owners were concerned that their cards would not be able to work, or that they would have to purchase a new card just to be able to continue using their freeware and indie games and applications. That however has never been the case if you purchased an official authentic card.

Danny from the official R4 3DS store at www.r43ds.org said it best when he said "Because of the factories that quickly push out and make knock off flash carts like the R4, people who have bought these so called copied versions of our card end up having issues with almost each and every update. These fake factories are in it to make quick profit and then leave their users high and dry. That's not how we operate. We continue to update our cards for each new version of both 3DS system updates and now for the hardware update of the XL version."

R43DS.org offers two distinct models of the card which have been verified to be working without any compatibility issues. Their flag ship R4 3DS RTS card, with built in real time save and a dual core chip for fast firmware updates was the very first card to work on the latest 4.3.0-10 version of the Nintendo 3DS as well as the new Nintendo 3DS XL consoles. It's one of the best selling cards on the market today.

The original RED R4 3DS has also been updated to take advantage of the bigger 3DS XL consoles and has been tested and verified to be working perfectly as well. While it does not offer the same Real Time Save features, it is still a very capable card in terms of features for the price.

Find out more about the R4 3DS RTS and the R4 3DS Red Box version and their new Nintendo 3DS XL compatible firmware kernels by visiting the official R4 3DS Store at www.r43ds.org