Nesting Newbies™ Magazine Reinvents Culinary Classics

The winter issue of’s digital shelter magazine demonstrates how readers can take classic food preparation and display and create modern day masterpieces. From crockpot cooking chic to hanging buffets and cheese platters that will please the mouth and eyes, readers learn stylish ways to entertain from the best of the best.

Online PR News – 17-March-2010 – – The winter 2010 issue of NestingNewbies magazine reinvents some cooking classics for its readers and creates unique and inspirational culinary masterpieces. This issue includes lots of recipes and entertaining ideas for Nesting Newbies, the site’s target audience: those new to nesting with no clue when it comes to cooking, entertaining, and decorating. Chef Lea McIntosh takes the old-fashioned out of classic crockpot cooking and turns out recipes suitable for a formal affaire or a fun night in with friends and family. The magazine features a film clip of Chef Lea sharing her knowledge of cheese and melding it with her decorating and entertaining expertise as she teaches sisters how to create more than just an ordinary cheese platter. Le Bonne Cuisine, a premiere San Francisco Bay Area catering and event company, turns their vision upward and demonstrates how readers can create a unique hanging buffet.

In ‘Crockpot Chic,’ Chef Lea McIntosh invited design icon Christopher Peacock to cook with her in his kitchen showroom in San Francisco, California using nothing but a crockpot and inventive recipes. McIntosh challenged herself to create a high-end party using original recipes for slow-cookers and created eight mouth-watering dishes along with some crowd-pleasing hot beverages. “I wanted to make crockpot cooking chic,” she says. “In every issue of the magazine, I will show newbies how easy it is to cook from scratch, encouraging them to move away from processed fast foods and experiment with fresh combinations of ingredients. Slow-cookers have been making a comeback, so I set out to prove that they are a tool for creating fine cuisine!”

Chef Lea also wants readers to remember that crockpots are not just for food any more; they are great for hot beverages, too. “Hot beverages can be prepared in advance using a crockpot,” she says. “With some fancy toppings and other goodies, this can be a really fun beverage bar for parties.” From cocoa to caffé latte, Chef Lea’s recipes keep guests warm and satisfied.

‘The Cheese Stands Alone’ adds a twist to serving cheese and encourages newbies to step out of the typical cheese palette. From selecting interesting, appealing and tasty cheeses to creating a display that will be eye-popping, Chef Lea shares a cheese platter that not only satisfies the taste buds, but gives newbies a chance to spread both their culinary and creative wings with the presentation. Embedded in the digital magazine is a film clip featuring Chef Lea McIntosh showing sisters—who rarely entertain—the tricks for assembling an artful and sophisticatedly luscious cheese display.

San Francisco’s Le Bonne Cuisine takes food presentation to higher-ground, literally. The ‘Foodie Peeps’ section in the winter issue showcases their signature Hanging Buffet. Inspired by the Cirque du Soleil acrobats, this buffet, though easy to set up, is an indisputable show-stopper. “We were searching for a new way to present a buffet that would not need tables for support,” said Sébastien Sanges, President, Event Designs at Le Bonne Cuisine. Sanges describes how to replicate this unique technique without breaking the bank.

Décor and entertaining go hand in hand in this magazine. From tables to lampshades, girly-girl spaces to the Lekker Home, the winter 2010 issue of Nesting Newbies shows newbies how they can create an alluring and attractive home that meets their style and budget. Prominent designer Jay Jeffers is this issue’s Iconic Nester, and he shares how he keeps his work fresh and exuberant from project to project.

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