Sas Fire and Security Warn Customers of Scam Merchants

Sas Fire and Security warn customers of bogus and second rate security companies that are only out to scam people out of their hard earned cash.

Online PR News – 28-March-2010 – – Reading the newspapers and stories often makes people feel unsafe in their home.

With a house burgled every twenty seconds and with property crime accounting for seventy eight percent of all recorded crime, Houses with no security are seven times more likely to be broken in to.

Getting security for your home is an option most people turn to but where to start? With so many companies that seem to be offering good deals, it is often hard to decide which is a reputable security company and which is a security scam outfit. Sas Fire and Security are trying to warn customers of these scam merchants, who are only interested in taking people's hard earned cash and only exist to scam the unwary into purchasing low end security systems.

A company spokesman said 'The industry is littered with horror stories out there of some scam outfits fitting alarms that fail to do their job, Sas Fire and Security give you the the peace of mind of dealing with a professional company."

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