Announcing CMS Made Simple 1.11 Series

The open source content management system, CMS Made Simple, has released a major new version, the 1.11 Series.

Online PR News – 16-September-2012 – Fairless Hills, PA – The CMS Made Simple Dev Team are happy to announce the release of the 1.11 series of CMS Made Simple.

Major features of this release include the upgrade to Smarty 3, media queries for style sheets, advanced caching, the ability to use Smarty templates for admin themes, and responsive HTML5 themes for the front end and admin panel, plus Javascript-based "drag and drop" file uploads for the admin panel.

We also have changed our tag line to better communicate our primary mission:

"CMS Made Simple : Power for Professionals, Simplicity for End Users."

In line with that, the 1.11 series has several new features and improvements that make CMS Made Simple much easier for web professionals to use.

Smarty 3

CMS Made Simple now uses SMARTY 3, the PHP-based template system that allows theme designers to keep PHP code separated from their HTML templates. Combined with 3rd party modules like TemplateExternalizer and CMSMS for Dreamweaver, Smarty allows theme developers to use code editors and IDEs like Aptana, Eclipse and Dreamweaver to easily edit their code, and keep their HTML/CSS presentation logic clearly separated from php functionality.

Smarty 3 brings greatly improved page caching as well as the ability to parse Javascript without using "literal" tags. Using this functionality, the News module is now able to show cached news items without any database queries at all.

Media Queries & Automatic Combination of Style Sheets

While designers have always been able to use media queries in CMS Made Simple style sheets, we have added the ability to specify a media query for the style sheet itself.

At run time, CMS Made Simple automatically combines style sheets with the same media type or media query, and inserts links to each media type with the media query built into the link.

This makes coding media queries a bit easier because you can keep your style sheets separate in your code base, but get automatic combination of style sheets on your production site.

Smarty Templates for Admin Themes

In the past CMSMS used php templates for admin themes. We have upgraded this to use Smarty templates so that developers can use the same skill set for styling both the front-end and the admin panel. This makes it easier for organizations and agencies to create their own branded admin panel.

Responsive HTML5

Both admin and default front-end themes now showcase responsive HTML5 design that works well on mobile devices, not just desktops.

Drag & Drop File Uploads

Along with the new admin theme, we’ve upgraded the jquery and jquery.ui that is shipped with CMSMS and have added support for uploading files via drag and drop (for most non-IE browsers).

This will make the file upload capabilities in wysiwyg editors all but redundant, and solves a long standing difficulty with CMSMS.

The OneEleven admin theme has a dropzone in its main area, allowing you to drag files from your desktop into CMSMS, then select the file from within the wysiwyg editor. Additionally, you can change working directories from within the admin theme.

More Details

There are many more minor improvements in CMS Made Simple 1.11 series than the ones listed above. You can find out more details in the following blog posts:

About CMS Made Simple

CMS Made Simple is a php-based open source content management system under the GPL license. Our mission is to provide a content management system for web professionals to build sites that are easy for end-users. CMSMS uses the Smarty template system, and allows completely free-form flexibility for page templates and site organization. CMSMS allows designers, site editors and SEO practitioners to have 100% "to-the-letter" control over page and article URLs.

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