Link Finder Pro Provides The Perfect Answer To The Penguin Problem

The world of SEO has changed dramatically over the last couple of months since the latest Google algorithm change called Penguin. UK Marketer has recently launched great software called Link Finder Pro that provides an ideal solution to this problem.

Online PR News – 15-September-2012 – Rotherham, South Yorkshire – Unless you have been in space for the last couple of months you will be well aware of the recent Google algorithm changes. First we had the Panda update in 2011 and now most recently we have nearly all suffered ranking drops due to the Penguin update.

The Penguin update is basically targeting unnatural link patterns and over optimised sites that are using 1 main keyword in anchor text. It’s quite funny really because it’s not too long ago that best practice was to use your keyword in the body of your content so times are changing rapidly in the world of SEO.

Google now want a far more natural link pattern, they want links from a diverse source and a more even mix of keyword, URL, generic terms like “click here” and brand terms, after all this is how it would appear without the efforts of an SEO.

The issue now then is to find these diverse link opportunities, gone are the days of blasting a couple of thousand profile links and bookmarks at a site to get it to rank, we all have to be far more selective in our back link campaigns and UK Marketer David Henry has launched a great piece of desktop software called Link Finder Pro that finds a wide range of back link opportunities in minutes.

David says” I have always been a big believer in getting as many diverse links as possible for my clients, it demonstrates to the search engines that your content is topical and of interest to a wider audience. Since the recent Penguin update this has become essential and I have a great piece of software recently launched that finds a wide variety of sites to leave a back link. We have included finding guest blog posting opportunities, blog commenting on high PR blogs, forums and even included .edu and .gov possibilities and this software is already proving to be a massive hit”

There is no doubt that web promotion has turned full circle recently and the general feeling amongst the SEO community is that this is only the tip of the iceberg. It is now essential to have links from every possible source which means getting help to find these hidden gems, If you want to get more information on link building post Penguin visit David’s Blog where you will find a comprehensive selection of tips and tactics to get better search engine rankings.