Boost Your Profit with the Tracker system from Remote Asset Management

The Remote Asset Management Fleet Vehicle Tracking systems deliver vehicle movements seamlessly in real time through the internet to your PC. It is one of the leading online UK vehicles tracking systems supplier.

Online PR News – 17-March-2010 – – Tracker systems introduced by RAM at competitive prices help ventures to keep track on vehicles and boost profit

17 march 2010: RemoteAssestManagement (RAM), a leading online UK vehicle tracking system supplier, has introduced the high end tracker systems at pocket friendly prices that help small and medium ventures to operate fleets of vehicles easily and also boost profits. The online supplier also deals in GPS vehicle tracking, satellite vehicle tracking and GPS tracking software at cutthroat prices.

Keeping track on fleets of vehicles daily was like a nightmare for the ventures. But the vehicle tracker systems from have simplified the task and are considered as an innovative and fresh approach to operate and manage large number of fleets easily and accurately. It is aimed at streaming profits to ventures that are mainly related to vehicles.

Tracker systems enable the ventures to keep track on the vehicles speed, location and mileage. The GPS unit installed in the device of the tracking system, which receives signals via satellite and acts as a navigation tool for the drivers. The unit relays speed, positional and other data back to RAM's hosted servers every few seconds using GPRS technology on the O2 mobile phone network. The system can easily be attached to a vehicle and the driver can drive even to unfamiliar locations with the help of this device.

The tracking systems from RAM remarkably strengthen the customer relations by delivering the services at prompt, thus increasing the productivity. The system also makes it possible to distribute the task evenly, reduce accidents, and keep a track on the vehicles and allocating best engineer wherever necessary.

"The tracker systems can add a boost to profits of a venture as it enables the user to improve management control of workforce and reduce fuel bills. It also significantly marginalizes the wasted time", said an executive of RAM.

The systems to track vehicles are released at competitive price. The vehicle tracking system has created a wave of reform in the business related to vehicles.