Preventing Tangled Earbuds Is Now Possible Because of the Nest Earbud Storage System

The damage caused by tangled earbuds are set to become a thing of the past, thanks to the Nest Earbud Protector

Online PR News – 15-September-2012 – 9/14/2012, Antioch, IL – Antioch, IL Even the most diligent earphone user would struggle to keep his earbuds from tangling. This makes them prone to damage. But now, thanks to the Nest Earbud Protector it is now possible to protect them from tangling.

The product is made from a single piece of high quality silicone that is soft and flexible. This compact case is to be flipped down the outer edge to open. Once opened, the ear pieces can be pushed inside a protective center that looks more like the center of a flower. The earbud cables are then to be wrapped around this center piece. And once you have finished wrapping it around, flip the edges back in place. You now have a compact case that can fit anywhere, even your pockets. Just pull the earphone jack to unwind the cables when you're ready to hear a song.

It is now available from Live Web Stores at for just $9.99. As of now, blue they are only available in blue, more color choices coming soon. The Nest is undeniably the best possible option to protect your earbuds from damage.

"Your earphones can be your best companion in a long and arduous journey. Sadly, they're also susceptible to a lot of damage. Almost every effort to remove earbuds begins with de-knotting them and it can get really frustrating. But this product is just the right thing to protect them. You can be sure that they'll remain tangle free and safe within the silicon case. True to its name, the Nest provides a comfortable place for your ear buds when they're not in use," says the spokesperson at

"The best thing about the product is that it is easy to pull out as well. You do not have to waste time- simply pulling the jack will free the ear phones," he adds.

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