InterFACE's Own Siobhan P. Takes the Helm as Senior VP of Marketing and Development

Seven year InterFACE veteran will now be extensively involved in guiding the success of all InterFACE development directors

Online PR News – 14-September-2012 – New York, NY – InterFACE is proud and excited to announce Siobhan Parisi as our new Senior VP of Marketing and Development!

As the Senior Vice President Of Marketing and Development, Siobhan will be overseeing all items pertaining to development directors in each InterFACE location. “I am looking forward to intensely training the directors to push themselves further than they ever thought they could go,” says Parisi, “I will motivate and inspire each director to reach higher, push further and climb faster to the goals I know they can achieve.”

I will motivate and inspire each director to reach higher push further and climb faster to the goals I know they can achieve.

Siobhan started with InterFACE in 2005 as a development director, and at the current time was an actress studying at the acclaimed Circle in the Square acting school. Her passion and experience in the entertainment industry helps her to understand the dynamic of InterFACE from both sides of the industry, and also comprehend how the brand is so helpful to those who wish to break into the world of entertainment. “While I was actively pursuing acting and modeling as a young adult, I wish to this day, that InterFACE was around when I was going to all the NYC talent agencies begging for them to just look at me and see me,” says Siobhan, “I realized how difficult the industry can be without any kind of connections. Seeing our talent obtain success motivates me to inspire our development directors to present this amazing opportunity to our clients with full heartfelt passion.”

Siobhan also understands and is dedicated to building and maintaining the brand vision of InterFACE, both externally to the public and internally within the company. “My favorite part about the InterFACE culture is the family that is created in each office,” she states. “We are a true team. There is competition, yet what we foster is competing with ones’ self to reach our personal goals and supporting that in each other.”

Siobhan is looking forward to shaping the team of development directors by calling upon her own successes as a director. Siobhan has exceeded several department goals many times throughout her career with InterFACE, setting various impressive records with the company. “I will now be able to lead the development team by example and have the benefit of my history and knowledge. I will encourage them to recognize their capabilities, utilize their skills and learn how to succeed.”

By having a deeply rooted confidence in InterFACE’s services, Siobhan takes great pride in the product, and uses that inspiration to encourage her peers to see the value in what InterFACE has to offer, and become even more excited about what the future holds for the company. “I am most excited about the direction in which InterFACE is heading,” explains Siobhan, “We are a major player in the entertainment industry. Also, because of the foresight of upper management, new tools and new methods are being put into place and acted upon which secure our place in this industry and keep us vital; and that attitude is pervasive throughout the company.”

Overall, Siobhan’s personal message to the InterFACE team is clear, “The core of every success in InterFACE is the reality that each step is preceded by another persons hard work,” she states. “It is our inherent responsibility to capitalize on that and not allow a presented golden opportunity to be eclipsed by anything. I expect my directors to respect the client in front of them. Our passion, work and success is rewarded fairly with the extra kick of launching new models, actors, singers, and dancers into the entertainment industry!”

InterFACE looks forward to the future with Siobhan at the helm of the success of our exceptional development director team.

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